Dbrand Faces Massive Backlash For Racist Remarks Against Indian Customer; Offers $10,000 As Apology



Dbrand Faces Massive Backlash For Racist Remarks Against Indian Customer; Offers $10,000 As Apology

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A Canadian accessories brand, Dbrand, has come under intense criticism on social media after it took a degrading tone against an Indian customer who complained about a Macbook accessory.
The company has not deleted the original tweet but offered the Indian customer $10,000 to make amends.

It seems like smartphone accessory makers can't manage to stay away from controversies. After Caseify came under attack for stealing Dbrand's custom designs, Dbrand is now involved in a controversy of its own. Famous for making quality accessories for mobile phones and laptops, Dbrand makes use of memes and snarky remarks to keep its millions of X followers thoroughly entertained. However, many users were shocked after the Canadian company decided to make fun of a user's name in the most demeaning way possible.

Dbrand Mocks Customer’s Surname on X and Faces Criticism 

The fiasco kicked off on 8th April 2024, when Bhuwan Chitransh posted on X to complain about a MacBook skin he purchased from the Dbrand. Initially, the company's official support account addressed his concern. Later, Dbrand's main X account, followed by 2.3 million users, quoted Chitransh's post with this response:

The Canadian company made fun of the user's name in a demeaning way that carried racist tones. The post by Dbrand led to a massive outrage, with many users criticizing the company's comment against the Indian customer. Several users even asked for an apology from the company and urged others to avoid the brand completely. Despite the sharp criticism, Dbrand remained unapologetic and didn't delete the post. The viral post gathered huge attraction and gained over 8 million views and more than 3000 comments, with people calling out Dbrand's unprofessional behavior and attitude against consumers. 

However, the company finally apologized on 10th April 2024. They stated that they made fun of a person's name and admitted that they "fumbled." The company offered Bhuwan Chitransh $10,000 USD to make amends for their action and the chaos they ended up causing. 

Is Dbrand actually remorseful for its comments? That's up for debate. According to Dbrand, they've been poking fun at their customers on social media for years now and state that they're not going to stop. While everyone enjoys occasional good-natured humor, insensitive jokes with racial tones are never going to be acceptable. Even though Dbrand is offering a massive amount for its actions, it's not enough for degrading someone. 

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