Who is BeastBoyShub?

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Who is BeastBoyShub?



BeastBoyShub is one of the most popular creators in the Indian Gaming Community, which has seen massive growth in the last couple of years.
BeastBoyShub's incredible gaming skills and commentaries make him one of the best creators in the industry. He has considerable influence over the Indian Gaming Community.

One of the most famous creators who kickstarted the Indian Gaming scene on YouTube is BeastBoyShub. Born and raised in a village near Delhi, Shubam Saini, a.k.a BeastBoyShub, is an incredibly popular and influential Indian gaming content creator and vlogger. He is known for uploading gameplay for hot titles such as Minecraft, Among Us, Nio, Fall: Guys Ultimate Knockout, and more. His videos have more than 2 billion views.

BeastBoyShub’s Journey in Indian Gaming Landscape

Shubam initially started his career in the “roast” commentary genre. He had to take down some of his initial videos due to the use of profanity. Some were even removed due to various copyright claims. 

Soon, Shub started experimenting with gaming videos. His first video, which was publicly visible for the longest time, was “Friendship Day Special,” which has since been unlisted from his channel. The first publicly available video is “It’s Just The Beginning.” He did quite a few QNAs vlogs, story-telling, gaming, and much more on his channel, a few of which he continues to do to this day. His first proper gaming video, which is publicly available, is titled “CS: GO India Funny Moments #1”.

Shub’s channel reached 100,000 subscribers in June 2018, and he received his first Silver Play Button. With an increase in his budget, he explored more paid games, although he didn’t stop playing free-to-play titles. He reached a million subscribers at the start of 2019 and uploaded a video unboxing his Golden Play Button.

He attended a 1v1 interview hosted by 1Up Gaming in October 2019. He even attended the first YouTube Gaming Creators Summit in Los Angeles in November 2019. He launched a game called BeastBoyShub Zombie and followed it up with BeastBoyShub: The Zombie Hunter.

In 2021, Shub took a nine-month hiatus during which time he uploaded a vlog on his ‘Shubhuuu channel. The first upload on his main channel after the hiatus happened on 22th February 2022, in which he told his fans about his experience off YouTube in the last nine months. Ever since that, he has been constantly uploading and has become one of the most popular creators in the Indian gaming community.

BeastBoyShub’s YouTube Channels 


Shub created ‘RealShub’ to practice his English-speaking skills. The uploads on this channel decreased as it did not gain a base among his Hindi-speaking viewer base. On 11 November 2022, the channel was taken down with an announcement video on Shubhuuu. 


Shubhuuu was created in January 2020 under the original name “Shubooo.” Shub attempted to compensate for his English-language vlogs by creating vlogs in Hindi. He believed that he couldn’t properly express himself in English. The channel gained momentum and was renamed “Shubuuu” in November 2020. 


NotSoShub is Shub’s live stream and VOD channel, which was created on 8th July 2022. The channel contains short clips from Shub’s gaming videos and vlogs. On 8th July 2023, he announced that he’d be moving all of his future live streams to this channel.

BeastBoyShub’s Earnings

BeastBoyShub has been actively creating content and uploading videos since the start of his YouTube career. According to Social Blade, his estimated earnings for his main YouTube channel are $4.8k USD—$77.1k USD per month, or $57.8k USD—$924.8k USD a year. However, it’s unlikely that’s his only source of income as he has other channels and also gets sponsorships by promoting products and fan donations. 

These are BeastBoyShub’s top 5 most watched videos on his YouTube channel

  • Dadi Ji Ki Car Chura Ke Bhag Gaya- Granny Car Escape (Free Android Game) - 34.4 million views.

  • Dada Dadi ki Boat Chura Ke Bhag Gaya [Granny Ch.2 Sewer Ending] - 18.6 million views.

  • *HARD MODE* Me Dadi Ji Ke Ghar Se bhag Gaya - | GRANNY HORROR GAME | (Hard Mode with Extra Locks) - 17.6 millon views.

  • Dadi Ji Se Mulakat (Gone Scary) - Funny Moments From Granny Game ( Free Android Game) - 14.7 million views.

  • Dadi Ji Ke Secrets Pta Laga ke Bhag Gaya - Granny Hidden/Secret Room Location (Free Android Game) - 14.7 million views.

BeastBoyShub’s Social Media 

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