Dark and Darker Early Access Releases on Chaf Games

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Dark and Darker Early Access Releases on Chaf Games


Dark and Darker is an online FPS that combines RPG and Rogue-like elements with Battle Royale/ Extraction type gameplay.
Dark and Darker is available for purchase through the game’s official website and through Chaf Games.
The game will possibly be available once again on Steam after the lawsuit between developers Ironmace and Nexon is settled.

Dark and Darker is an online multiplayer extraction-type game from South Korean developer Ironmace. The game offers PvPvE combat scenarios with an emphasis on dungeon crawling where players must navigate through it while fighting off various types of monsters and solving puzzles to progress deeper into the dungeon. On 7th August, the game was officially released in early access for PC through the game’s official website and on Chaf Games which is a Steam competitor. That being said, many fans might be wondering about the game’s availability on Steam. Unfortunately, the game was booted off Steam’s shelves in March following a copyright infringement lawsuit from Nexon.

Dark and Darker’s Steam Availability

The game was removed from Steam in March due to an ongoing legal battle between Ironmace and Nexon where the developer has allegedly stolen code from one of Nexon’s closed projects. In an E-mail to PCgamer, the CEO of Ironmace, Terence Park said "We built Dark and Darker from the ground up here at Ironmace and stand by our work
He also mentioned that Ironmace attempts to get the game back on Steam as soon as possible. "We cannot ignore the largest PC storefront in the world". This hints that the game will be available on Steam once the lawsuit is settled.

Dark and Darker Price and Pre-order Bonuses

The early access version of Dark and Darker is now available for purchase on Chaf Games and on the game’s official website for PC. The game comes in two different versions; Standard Edition and Founder’s Edition: Hold the Line

The standard edition of the game is available for $35 USD while the Founder’s Edition is priced at $50 USD and offers exclusive in-game items such as:

  • Race: Skeleton

  • Item Skin: Blue Torch 

  • Hold the Line Emote

  • Dark and Darker Test Access (For Future Availability)

In Dark and Darker, you must also fight other players to gain access to their loot such as spells, weapons, and other magical items. Players can also choose between different classes that combine RPG and rogue-like elements offering a unique playstyle unlike other extraction games like Escape From Tarkov, Hunt: Showdown, and such. The ultimate goal of the game is to reach the final level of the dungeon and triumph over the final boss while strategically avoiding or outwitting other players.

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