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Completing the Starfield Mantis Quest: Legendary Ship, Puzzle Solutions, and Epic Gear

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The Mantis Quest in Starfield doesn't begin with a scripted event or an NPC's instruction; instead, it relies on your luck and the enemies you encounter.
The most intricate part of the Mantis Quest is the floor puzzle within the secret outpost. Stepping on the wrong panel activates deadly turrets, spelling your doom.
In this guide, we will walk you through every step of the journey, from initiating the quest to obtaining the Mantis ship and armor set.

In the vast expanse of Starfield, the Mantis quest stands out as an opportunity for early-game adventurers to acquire a legendary ship and a set of epic armor. This captivating quest leads players through a maze of challenges, enemies, and a particularly tricky puzzle. In this comprehensive guide, we will dissect the Mantis quest and provide step-by-step instructions on how to complete it, obtain the coveted Razorleaf ship, and acquire the Mantis spacesuit.

How to Start the Mantis Quest

To initiate the Mantis quest, you must first obtain a data slate called "Secret Outpost!" from Spacer enemies. This elusive item can drop from various sources, including the Nova Galactic Starstation during the main quest "The Old Neighborhood." Alternatively, you may find it while completing side quests or battling rogue Spacer bands in different locations.

Once you have the "Secret Outpost!" data slate, read it from your inventory. Doing so will unveil a hidden base's location on the planet Denebola I-B in the Denebola system.

Venturing into the Secret Outpost 

Prepare for a challenging journey as you make your way to Denebola I-B, a level 30 system teeming with formidable enemies. Upon landing, follow the quest marker to the secret outpost's outer area, where Spacer enemies await. Engage them in battle, collecting valuable loot, including energy weapons such as the Arc Welder.

Proceed inside the outpost, where even more Spacer adversaries lurk. Dispose of them strategically, using cover and explosives as necessary. Among the treasures you can find are the legendary Bounty Hunter Spacesuit and various powerful weapons. Eventually, you'll face a tough encounter with high-level Spacer Scum enemies.

Completing the Password Puzzle

The most perplexing challenge in the Mantis quest is the password puzzle. Located beyond the room with high-level enemies, this puzzle involves stepping on specific tiles with letters to spell out the word "Tyrannis." Stepping on the wrong tile triggers deadly turrets, so precision is crucial. Remember to spell "Tyrannis" correctly, and make precise movements to avoid the turrets.

Mantis Puzzle Starfield

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Looting the Mantis Ship and Spacesuit

Having overcome the password puzzle, deactivate the turrets and proceed through the gate. Navigate through the remaining enemies and robots until you reach a vast chamber housing the legendary Mantis ship, the Razorleaf. Activate the lift controls to raise the ship above ground.

Before departing, explore the room opposite your entry point to find the Mantis Spacesuit displayed on a mannequin in a glass case. This legendary spacesuit boasts exceptional stats and unique traits. Equip it from the mannequin.

With your newfound gear and legendary ship in tow, return to the secret outpost's exterior and follow the quest marker to reach the Razorleaf ship. Enter the cockpit, where you will have the option to make the Razorleaf your Home Ship, replacing your current vessel.

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