Clash Royale Season 53 Mid-Season Balance Changes: All Buffs & Nerfs Explained

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Clash Royale Season 53 Mid-Season Balance Changes: All Buffs &amp; Nerfs Explained</p></div>
Clash Royale Season 53 Mid-Season Balance Changes: All Buffs &amp; Nerfs Explained


In preparation for the CRL world finals, Supercell is implementing five mid-season balance changes in Clash Royale.
Here are the complete details about the card changes that players can expect to see along with the mandatory client update on 13th November 2023.

The recent release of the versatile and cost-effective champion Little Prince has captured every clasher's attention, prompting them to seek effective ways to integrate it into their decks. However, in the next balance update, Supercell plans to nerf Little Prince and other Mega Evolutions in the game. 

With the 53rd season already out, Clash Royale is all set to introduce new balance changes in preparation for the CRL World Finals. In this article, we’ll take a look at all the Clash Royale Season 53 mid-season balance changes that will be applied on Monday, 13th November, coinciding with a mandatory client update.

Clash Royale: All Season 53 Mid-Season Balance Changes November 2023

There’s no doubt that Little Prince has caused quite a stir since its release, and the same can be said for the Knight Evolution. Both cards seem to be the major focus of this balance update, with significant nerfs to bring down their usage rates.

Here’s the full list of balance changes for the 13th November 2023 Update -

Bats Evolution

  • First Hit Time increased from 0.5 Seconds → 0.2 Seconds 

Skeletons Evolution

  • First Hit Time increase from 0.5 Seconds → 0.4 Seconds

Knight Evolution 

  • Hit Speed reduced -18% from 1.11 Hits Per Second → 0.9.09 Hits Per Second

  • Effective DPS -18%

Royale Recruits

  • Damage Bonus Multiplayer reduced 5% from 1.12 → 1.06

Little Prince

  • Royale Rescue Dash Distance Reduced from 5.0 Tiles → 4.5 Titles 

The balance update will enable Bats and Skeletons Evolution to finally find a place in the meta. Supercell wants to increase their longevity and impact in the game. The Evolved Royal Recruits also get a nerf, which will curtail their total damage output by 5%.

In addition to these balance changes, a mandatory client update will be available on the App Store and Google Play. This update will be available on 13th November 2023 and plans to fix a lot of in-game bugs. 

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