Best Little Prince Decks in Clash Royale


Best Little Prince Decks in Clash Royale

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One of the biggest highlights of Clash Royale Season 53 is Little Prince, the brand-new Champion Card.
If you want to climb up the ranks and get unique rewards, here's a list of the best Little Prince decks in Clash Royale.

Little Prince, the new mischievous Champion in Clash Royale, is one of the hottest cards in the game right now. You can claim this Champion for free; you heard that right! If you don’t want to lose games and make your way to the top, it’s important to adapt to the meta and include Little Prince in your current deck.

As it’s a free card, creating decks with Little Prince isn’t really that difficult. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best Little Prince Decks in Clash Royale so you don’t waste your time experimenting.

Best Little Prince Decks in Clash Royale

Clash Royale: Best Little Prince Decks

Little Prince is dominating top leaderboards in the game right now; it is quite powerful against both aerial and ground threats and is one of the most versatile cards in the game. By testing multiple decks and closely observing professional Clash Royale players, we have put together five decks to get the most out of Little Prince and help you win games.

Here are the top 5 best Little Prince decks in Clash Royale – 

Deck 1: Golem EDrag Nado Pump

  1. Knight (Evolved)

  2. Golem

  3. Lumberjack

  4. Little Prince

  5. EDrag

  6. Tornado

  7. Barbarian Barrel 

  8. Elixir Collector

Deck 2: GobG Rage Pump

  1. Royal Recruits (Evolved)

  2. Goblin Giant

  3. Little Prince

  4. Mini Pekka

  5. Goblins

  6. Arrows

  7. Rage

  8. Elixir Collector

Deck 3: GobG Double Prince

  1. Knight (Evolved)

  2. Goblin Giant

  3. Sparky

  4. Little Prince

  5. Dark Prince

  6. Lightening

  7. Arrows 

  8. Barbarian Barrel

Deck 4: Giant Graveyard Bowler

  1. Bats (Evolved)

  2. Graveyard

  3. Giant

  4. Little Prince

  5. Bowler

  6. Skeleton Army

  7. Arrows

  8. Snowball

Deck 5: X-bow Pump 3.0 Cycle

  1. Knight (Evolved)

  2. X-bow

  3. Little Prince

  4. Goblins

  5. Fire Spirit

  6. Ice Spirit

  7. The Log

  8. Elixir Collector

Clash Royale: How to Use Little Prince?

Before you use any of the decks mentioned above, it’s crucial for players to under how Little Prince’s abilities work. Little Prince deals damage from a distance while maintaining a rapid-fire rate when stationary, which makes him a versatile card in many decks. The new Champion isn’t just about total offense; his Royale Rescue ability brings Guardienne into the arena, which can completely turn the tide of any battle, offering an ultimate defense and attack capability.

Little Prince’s resilience to high-impact spells, like the fireball, makes him durable, although spells like Poison can still counter him. If you want to maximize Little Prince’s potential, you must keep him stationary, which boosts his hit damage, allowing for a strategic recharge.

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