Can You Romance Multiple Companions in Starfield?


Can You Romance Multiple Companions in Starfield?

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Starfield does allow players to keep their options open by allowing them to romance multiple companions although there is a catch…
The game offers four main companions who feature complex romance options built into their in-game personas.
Starfield even allows players to formally get married to one of their companions.

Bethesda’s latest Sci-Fi space RPG offers a wide range of quests and exploration options. Apart from traversing the boundless world of Starfield, you can also get yourself involved in building relationships with your virtual companions. This might start as lightly as developing a friendship with fellow members of your faction to having an all-out romance option with specific companions. If you find yourself in one of these situations and you are unaware of how romancing works in the game, you’ve stumbled upon the right article. Let’s take a look!

Can You Actually Romance Multiple Characters in Starfield?

Yes, you can absolutely follow various romance paths in Starfield but there is a catch that will be explained later after we understand how the game tackles it. The romance system in the game is pretty detailed, requiring you to meet certain demands in order to develop a romantic relationship. 

You must first work on raising affinity which requires you to react according to the character’s likes and dislikes. You will then have the option to sweet-talk with the character during dialogue. All you need to do is select texts with the [Flirt] choice. Once you have followed these two steps frequently, you will be presented with specific Companion Quests. Completing this quest is crucial as it allows you to commit to that one companion. Once you are engaged in a romance with them, you can now enjoy certain perks and temporary XP boosts.

Although the game has various companions, there are four main characters who have full-blown romance options built into their in-game personas. These four companions are Sarah Morgan, Sam Coe, Barett, and Andreja.

What’s the Catch?

In the initial stages of romance, characters usually don't mind if you flirt with different companions. However, as you progress through Starfield’s romance system, you will find that that the character you are pursuing will hate it if you attempt to romance other people. This happens specifically after you have completed the companion quests with them. It is important to keep in mind that the game allows you the option to formally get married to your companions so it makes sense that the game has incorporated such a system.However, if you do not wish to pursue your romantic interest after you've gotten through the companion quests with them, you can simply choose to dissolve the marriage or the relationship and start over with a new companion. Overall, you can engage in various romantic endeavors if you don't mind the idea of dissolution. Check out our Romance Guide if you need further information about your potential companions.

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