Can You Reach Level 100 In Pokemon Go?

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Let's look at if you can reach level 100 in Pokemon Go.</p></div>
Let's look at if you can reach level 100 in Pokemon Go.


Leveling up in Pokemon Go is one of the main ways to progress in the game.
Niantic has increased the level cap once since the game's launch.
Let's look at whether you can reach level 100 in Pokemon Go.

As you play more Pokemon Go, you’ll level up, unlocking more aspects of the game like certain items. Veteran Pokemon players have spent years leveling up their characters, testing the limits of the level cap. Here is all you need to know about the level cap in the game and the answer to the question can you reach level 100 in Pokemon Go. 

Pokemon Go level cap: can you reach level 100?

When the game was first released in July 2016, it had a lower level cap of 40, but as many players reached the peak, the developers decided to increase the cap by 10 in December 2020 as part of the GO Beyond update. The new Pokemon Go level cap is 50. However, this means the answer to the question can you reach level 100 in Pokemon Go is a no. 

As the game matures and more players start hitting the level 50 cap, Niantic is likely to increase it again. Perhaps one day you will be able to reach level 100 in Pokemon Go, but for now, it is not possible.

Leveling in Pokemon Go

Leveling is one of the most important systems in the game. You level up your character as you gain experience by completing quests, catching Pokemon and increasing your friendship level with other players. Also the more you level up, the more items you can use and the more powerful your Pokemon become. Those who managed to hit level 40 before the end of 2020 (when the cap was increased) got a special medal. These Legacy Level 40 players unlocked a special Legacy Level 40 medal as well as the Legacy 40 Challenge quest.

Leveling up in Pokemon Go is simple. You just have to gain XP to level up till 40. This can take you some time, since the XP requirements to level up become progressively larger. For example, it only takes you 1,000 XP to get to level 2, but leveling up to 3 will need 2000 XP. By the time level 40 comes along, you’ll need a total of 20,000,000 XP. Out of this, you will need 5,000,000 XP just to get from level 39 to level 40. After level 40, you’ll need to not only gain XP but also complete Level-up Research challenges. These include earning certain medal types, catching a number of Pokémon within a set period, completing raids and much more. This is designed to make the leveling process as much about skill as it is simply earning XP.

When do you unlock item rewards in Pokémon Go as you level up?

As you level up, you also receive more reward items from PokeStops. Here is what you get with each level milestone:

  • Level 5: Gyms, Potions, Revives

  • Level 8: Razz Berry

  • Level 10: Super Potion

  • Level 12: Great Ball

  • Level 15: Hyper Potion

  • Level 20: Ultra Ball

  • Level 25: Max Potion

  • Level 30: Max Revive, XL Candy

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