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Build Request Failed Error in The Finals Explained

Aditi Joshi
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Players have been experiencing a frustrating error called the 'Build Request Failed' error in The Finals.
Here are some potential fixes to help you resolve this error and resume your seamless gaming experience.

Many players have been coming across this error called 'Build Request Failed' in The Finals. It has been hampering the gaming experience for players as they try to launch the game. This 'Build Request Failed' error is also known as the fatal error.

If you are looking for some possible fixes for this, we have gathered a few methods you can use. So, in this article, we'll take a look at some ways in which you can potentially fix the 'Build Request Failed' error in The Finals.

What is the Build Request Failed Error in The Finals?

It is a technical issue that occurs primarily on the PC version of the game, mainly for the users who launch the game through Steam. This error makes it difficult for players to enter the game. Players experiencing this error might see notifications and messages popping up regarding missing or crashed files. While the exact cause of the error is unknown, it can still be pretty frustrating when launching the game.

How to Fix the Build Request Failed Error in The Finals?

Players can follow the given methods and try to fix the 'Build Request Failed Error' in The Finals:

  • Launch as Admin - This is one of the most popular workaround suggested by players on Reddit. It involves launching start_protected_game.exe as an administrator. It is then followed by opening Discovery.exe.

  • Use EasyAntiCheat - Another solution is to try launching another game that uses EasyAntiCheat. Then, exit that game, and then try to start The Finals again. Many users on Reddit have suggested this method since it has worked for them.

  • Run as Administrator - An alternate to launching the game as admin is to run it as an administrator. So basically, you have to run Discovery.exe as an administrator. This solution has also solved the issue for several Reddit users. If all previous attempts have failed, this method could be your last hope.

  • Contact The Finals Support Team - If none of the methods seem to work for you, then reaching out to The Finals support team could be your best bet. Another way is to keep up to date with the game's news so as to know if the bug has been fixed.

Keep in Mind

These are some additional tips playrs must keep in their minds:

  • Ensure that the game is not running in the background when you close it. Try to restart it several times.

  • Verify the game files on Steam to resolve any missing or corrupted files.

  • Make sure to disable any other applications that could interfere with the game.

  • If nothing works, consider reinstalling the game or unlinking and relinking your Steam account.

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