Brawlhalla Brings Master Chief to Its Game With the Highly Anticipated Halo Crossover


Brawlhalla Brings Master Chief to Its Game With the Highly Anticipated Halo Crossover

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As patch 7.10 releases, Brawlhalla brings in the towering super soldier, Master Chief and the Arbiter as part of its new Halo crossover. A new Halo-themed UI has also been added.
There is also the addition of a game mode called “Oddbrawl” inspired from Halo’s “Oddball”

Brawlhalla is a free-to-play fighting game that was produced by Blue Mammoth Games and published by Ubisoft. As part of Ubisoft’s forward event that occurred in June 2023, it was announced that the game would feature Halo’s Master Chief and the Arbiter as part of an event called Brawlhalla: Combat Evolved. This event aims to pay homage to the Halo series by adding several other in-game features such as new maps, weapons, emotes, and of course the character model of the Spartan. All of these cosmetic items mentioned above can be claimed from the in-game store Mallhalla.

Here’s what’s players can expect from the Brawlhalla: Combat Evolved update

As part of the Halo Crossover, Brawlhalla brings several features to the game. There is an addition of a new map called Halo, along with changes to the UI and themes to match the Halo crossover. Unfortunately, Master Chief will not be featured as a brand-new legend in-game but he will be available as a skin for Isaiah. This does not mean that players cannot enjoy playing with Master Chief’s skin as there are unique lock-in animations available for him. The Arbiter will also be available as Sidra’s skin. Master Chief’s addition to Isaiah will prove to be pretty potent as there is a custom FX presenting Guilty Spark and The flood. Isaiah’s Blasters and Cannons coupled with his SPNKr launcher and Magnum Pistol makes for a deadly combo. The Arbiter is also equipped with Sidra’s Sword and Cannon abilities which are coupled with an Energy Sword and a Fuel Rod Cannon.

The game also adds the Oddbrawl game mode, which acts in a similar way to Halo’s Oddball. Players who reach 100 points while holding onto the flaming skull will be credited as the winner. Players holding onto the flaming skull will also deal extra damage and earn more points upon attacking enemies, which adds a certain layer of difficulty to the game mode which in turn makes it more rewarding. Oddbrawl will be available in Brawl of the Week and in custom match lobbies. As part of this event, players who log in to Brawlhalla will get access to a free “Spartan” title along with a daily bonus of 250 gold until the 2nd of August.

Developers have also brought several in-game mechanics changes and have patched up bugs and errors present in the game. The main change is that the Downward Aerial Attack feature will now work across all queues. 

Brawlhalla’s ranked season 29 will start on the 19th of July. Blue Mammoth has not been a stranger to such crossovers where characters from the Walking Dead, Avatar, and WWE were featured previously. However, bringing in the Master Chief has definitely been the games biggest decision. Here’s the link to Brawlhalla’s Patch 7.10.

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