Brawl Stars Tier List for April 2024

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>All Brawl Stars tier list for Aril 2024</p></div>
All Brawl Stars tier list for Aril 2024


Here is our Brawl Stars tier list for April 2024 featuring the strongest and weakest brawlers in the game.
Players should use the tier list only to glimpse into the meta and it is completely possible to be successful with off-meta picks.

Just like any other game with lots of characters to choose from, it gets very tricky when you want to pick game-winning characters in Brawl Stars. There are a total of 77 brawlers currently available in Brawl Stars. As a result, picking the right one for a matchup can often be challenging and stressful. The brawlers in the game are all very unique, equipped with their own stats abilities, strengths, weaknesses, play style, among other things.

In this article, we will see what the Brawl Stars community feels the meta is and come up with a tierlist for April 2024. Do note that your personal skill level with certain brawlers and ability to adapt to different situations will affect how successful you are in Brawl Stars. If you understand the meta well, you will be able to use off-meta brawlers and still succeed and the tier list if only meant to be a suggestion instead of a rule of thumb.

Brawl Stars Tier List Methodology 

This tier list is based on the brawlers' overall performance in the current meta. S-Tier brawlers are the strongest in the game and can be used to great effect in any mode. A-Tier brawlers are also very good and can be used in most modes. B-Tier brawlers are still viable, but they may not be as effective as the higher-tier brawlers.

C-Tier brawlers are situational and may only be useful in certain modes. D-Tier brawlers are not very good and should only be used if you have no other options. F-Tier brawlers are the weakest in the game and should not be used in competitive play.

Brawl Stars Tier List (April 2024)

We will get into the details of S tier and name the other relatively good brawlers in tiers A. The following is the the Brawl Stars All Brawlers (April 2024) Tier List which was created by community voting. Sourced from Tiermaker, this is the cumulative average rankings from 10 submitted tier lists.

Brawl Stars Tier List (April 2024)


Melodie: Melodie is a Mythic Brawler who has a long range, moderately high health, and a high damage potential. Her attack is a long-ranged music note that deals very low damage.

Colt: Colt's Super is not very useful, as it only deals damage to enemies in a straight line. This makes it difficult to hit multiple enemies with the Super, and it is often not worth the risk of trying to use it

Piper: A sharpshooter with a long range and high damage potential. Piper is good at picking off enemies from a safe distance.

Fang: He has high health, a high damage output, and a fast movement speed. His attack is a kick that deals high damage, but has a short range.


Gray, Stu, Maisie, Mico, Mandy, Dynamike, Surge, Max, Bea, Jessie, Sam, Mortis, Buster, Angelo

To sum it all, the worst brawlers in the April 2024 Brawl Stars meta are Poco, Nita, Pearl, Jacky and Larry and Lawrie.

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