Resurgence of the Storm


Resurgence of the Storm

Blizzard Killed Heroes Of The Storm, But Fans are Resurrecting it

Vignesh Raghuram
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Blizzard Entertainment stopped developing Heroes of the Storm in 2022, leading fans and modders to create the "Resurgence of the Storm" mod, revitalizing the game with new heroes and reworks.
The project, ongoing for four years, offers significant improvements to HOTS, but faces financial challenges.
Continuous development relies on community support, with a Patreon and Boosty funding model offering various tiers ($5, $10, $25, $50) with identical benefits for all supporters.

Blizzard Entertainment's decision to halt development on Heroes of the Storm (HOTS) in July 2022 left a void in the hearts of its dedicated players. But, refusing to let their beloved game fade into obscurity, the resilient HOTS community and a group of dedicated modders have sparked a remarkable initiative to breathe new life into this classic Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) title.

Enter Resurgence of the Storm, a fan-driven mod project that ambitiously seeks to resurrect Heroes of the Storm using the framework of another Blizzard staple, Starcraft 2.

Heroes of the Storm Lives On: The Rise of Resurgence of the Storm Mod

First revealed in an elaborate video on the YouTube channel SomeoneNew, Resurgence of the Storm has been a labor of love for four years. The project is not just a nostalgic tribute but a comprehensive overhaul and expansion of the original HOTS experience. It features complete hero reworks and introduces two new heroes, pushing the boundaries of the game's legacy.

While Heroes of the Storm is still playable in its base version, with its last significant update released in November 2023, it has largely been stagnant. Resurgence of the Storm steps in to fill this gap, offering substantial improvements to the characters and combat systems, crafting an experience that is at once familiar and refreshing for players.

Challenges For Resurgence of the Storm

However, this ambitious journey is not without its hurdles. The development of Resurgence of the Storm, akin to a full-time job, is a testament to the team's dedication. Yet, they face significant financial challenges. Continuous development hinges on community donations and support. Without this vital backing, there is a looming risk that the project could grind to a halt as early as March.

Fans can support the development of this mod through Patreon or Boosty. There are four tiers of offering support priced at $5 USD, $10, $25, and $50. Interestingly all four tiers of support offer the same perks to the supporters. All supporters can engage in discussions with staff, participate in game design chats, test new heroes in development, and gain access to a special Discord channel.

The story of Resurgence of the Storm stands as a powerful testament to the impact and strength of community within the gaming world. It unfolds as a compelling narrative about dedicated fans who are banding together, driven by their shared passion and commitment, to keep the flame of their beloved game burning brightly. The duration and ultimate success of this ambitious project, however, remain to be seen.

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