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HOTS Players Are Resurrecting The Game After Blizzard Killed it

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Resurgence of the Storm (RotS) is a recreation of Heroes of the Storm by fans.
The project is playable via the Starcraft 2 client's Arcade mode.

Resurgence of the Storm (RotS) is a recreation of Heroes of the Storm (HOTS), in the form of a playable mod for Starcraft 2. The project is brought to life by a dedicated HOTS community that has been working on the project for over years. The game is fully playable via the Starcraft 2 client using its Arcade section.

How to Play Resurgence of the Storm

  1. Access through Starcraft 2: RotS is available within the Starcraft 2 client, specifically in the Arcade section.

  2. Initial Setup: To play RotS, players first need to download a set of necessary files. This is done using the Resurgence of the Storm patcher, accessible via the mod's official Discord.

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  1. Installation Guide: There is a detailed installation guide provided. Players will need to download approximately 13 GB of assets, including models, textures, and sounds.

  2. Updating the Mod: The same patcher is used for updates to RotS, ensuring an easy process for installing new files, which typically are not as large as the initial download.

What's Available in Resurgence of the Storm?

  • Heroes: The mod currently features 15 heroes, most of whom have undergone balance tweaks or have new talents in comparison to their HotS counterparts.

  • Reworks and New Additions: There's a complete rework of the hero Arthas. Additionally, Selendis and Talandar are brand new hero additions.

  • Ongoing Development: More heroes are under development and will be added in future updates.

Finding Players and Gameplay

  • No In-built Matchmaking: RotS does not have an automated matchmaking system.

  • Joining Games: Players can join games by visiting the #looking-for-game channel on the Discord server. Here, they can find or host game lobbies.

  • Public Lobbies: Players have the option to make lobbies public and join them through the SC2 lobby browser. Note that only players with the necessary files installed can join these games.

Limitations of RotS Compared to HotS

Due to the inherent differences in the game engines of Starcraft 2 and Heroes of the Storm, RotS has a few limitations:

  • Ability Casting Settings: The mod only supports the “On Release” setting for ability casting, with no option to change it.

  • Body Blocking and Pathing: There are noticeable differences in hero body blocking and pathing behavior.

  • UI Update Rate: The UI's update rate in RotS is fixed at 16hz, as opposed to being dependent on the monitor's framerate.

  • Model Restrictions: Certain models from HotS, like the XP globe models, couldn’t be ported over. RotS uses alternative models for these elements.

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