Blizzard Developers Confirm Arathi Basin Items Change in WoW Season of Discovery


Blizzard Developers Confirm Arathi Basin Items Change in WoW Season of Discovery

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WoW Season of Discovery has introduced a plethora of new content into the game, transforming the way the game is played.
Blizzard developers have confirmed that new Arathi Basin changes will be rolled out soon, removing the restriction on items for certain classes.

There's no doubt that World of Warcraft (WoW) Season of Discovery has introduced a lot of interesting challenges; whether it's tackling new raids or collecting runes, there's something for everyone to experience. That's not all; we also saw the introduction of Arathi Basin PvP to the game in Phase 2. Like Warsong Gulch, Arathi Basin brought brand-new factions and reputations to grind. The update offered new and powerful items for everyone to purchase.

Depending on the player's chosen faction, they can grind Exalted reputation with Defilers or League of Arathor. One major drawback is that most of the gear has been limited to specific classes, which makes the grind worthwhile for some classes over others. However, Blizzard has announced that major changes are coming to Arathi Basin items. 

Blizzard Confirms Arathi Basin Items Will No Longer Be Class-Locked

In an official post, WoW developers confirmed that items earned through Arathi Basin vendors will no longer be limited to certain classes. According to the game's lead producer, Josh Greenfield, the class restrictions for 3-piece armor sets will be lifted, allowing more flexibility in PvP gear. 

Previously, the various Defiler and Highlander sets available from the factions were restricted to specific classes. For example, Highlander's Plate Spaulders were locked to Warriors, and Highlander's Epaulets were exclusive to Priest, Mage, and Warlock. 

Blizzard Developers Confirm Arathi Basin Items Change in WoW Season of Discovery


These changes are also being rolled out on Era servers. Although the player base is split across multiple games, this will most likely be positive news for the Era stalwarts. 

WoW's Season of Discovery has introduced several quality-of-life changes that many players believe have improved the game. What happens after the season's end is still unclear, but these major changes will likely remain in the game in some major way. 

When Will The Arathi Basin Changes Release?

Unfortunately, we still don't have a release date for the upcoming changes to class restrictions in Arathi PvP. However, if we look at previous changes, we can expect these Arathi Basin changes to roll out in the upcoming weekly maintenance. These changes will surely change the way players approach Arathi Basin.

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