Best Save Ideas for Football Manager 2024

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Best Save Ideas for Football Manager 2024
Football Manager 2024 allows you to create numerous saves where you can experiment with various playstyles.
If you are new to a Football management game, we recommend you stick with a club you are familiar with in real life.

FM 24 is the latest installment in a long line-up of Sports Interactive’s Football management titles. This latest entry is being marketed as the most complete edition yet, thanks to the addition of new set pieces, game modes, and technical improvements to player animations and ball physics.

Football Manager games have always allowed players to adapt different playstyles with each of their saves. You can choose to rise to the top from a lower league or start with an already well-established team, competing in the UEFA Champions League. If you are new to such types of games and you are overwhelmed by the options available, we have got you covered with numerous save ideas to start your managerial journey. Let’s take a look!

Best Save Ideas for Various Playstyles in FM 2024

For Beginners

If you are brand-new to the game, it is recommended that you stick to the club that you already support in real life. Considering the complexities of a Football management game, it is easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer number of clubs and leagues present in it. Starting with a familiar club and league means you will already have a general idea of the best talents in your squad. You need not spend all your time understanding the potential of your team and you can rather focus more on the tactical system and other functionalities that are offered.

For Casual Players

If you are already familiar with the core mechanics of the game but want to take a more easygoing approach, it is recommended that you pick some of the biggest teams that have more capital to invest in players and are already participating in the biggest leagues offered in the game. These would be teams such as Borussia Dortmund, Newcastle, or Atletico Madrid. Starting with them means you will have enough money to bring any player you want and you need not spend your casual gaming time reading through player and club statistics.

You can spend your time making strategic decisions and creating new tactics to make your team climb their way to becoming title favorites. Although it does not bring the challenge of climbing from the bottom, it is still a solid way to test your managerial skills.

Short Road to Glory Save

This is aimed at players who do a great job of managing a team but do not wish to go through the grinding, season after season, just to win one trophy. You can consider teams like Brighton which has star players like Evan Furgerson who is well known for his ability to scout. You will also deal with a higher level of difficulty as you have to take down teams such as Arsenal and Manchester City which can be a daunting task.

Long Road to Glory Save

If you are a seasoned veteran and you wish to grind your way from rags to riches, consider this new team called Warrington Town which recently got promoted to the Vanarama North after going through an enticing 1-0 score for their promotion. Nicknamed the Yellows, this team is filled with numerous young players who are looking to fill their trophy cabinet and make a name for themselves.

Japanese League

If you wish to try all the brand-new features of Football Manager 2024, look no further than the Japanese League which brings in a new team like Shimizu S-Pulse, that plays in the second division. This club was formed in 1991 and it is located in the Shizuoka region of Japan which was the home of numerous Japanese talents. You can attempt to recreate the magic by filling in the Manager role for this relatively new team.

Those are pretty much all the best save ideas to start your journey as a manager in FM 24. Do note that you can also transfer your previous saves from FM 23 and continue on the familiar path. 

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