Best Free Nintendo Switch Games to Play in 2024


Best Free Nintendo Switch Games to Play in 2024

Abhimannu Das
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Here are our picks for the top Nintendo Switch games in 2024 that you can play for free.
In addition to third-party titles, Nintendo has also delivered free first-party titles like Super Kirby Clash and Pokemon Unite.

Nintendo Switch is the handheld gaming device of choice for a lot of gamers but the price tag of some of the first-party titles can be a deterrent for those who want to get the console. If you are contemplating getting the Switch or are a Nintendo Switch owner looking for some free-to-play games, we have some good news for you. The platform has some fantastic free-to-play games that you will love

Best Free-to-Play Games on Nintendo Switch


This sci-fi third-person shooter throws you into the shoes of a Tenno warrior, wielding customizable Warframes with unique abilities. Blast through missions, explore open worlds, and team up with friends in a deep and ever-evolving adventure.


The Battle Royale phenomenon doesn't need introduction. Drop onto ever-changing islands, scavenge for weapons, build defenses, and outlast your opponents in frantic 100-player matches. Regular updates keep things fresh, with new events, collaborations, and creative modes.

Apex Legends

Another fast-paced Battle Royale, Apex sets itself apart with character-specific abilities and strategic squad play. Master your Legend's unique skills, work together, and conquer the arena in 20-squad matches.

Pokémon Unite

A beginner-friendly MOBA twist on the iconic Pokémon franchise. Team up with five other trainers, choose your favorite pocket monster, and battle for control of capture points in quick 10-minute matches. Quick bursts of action and familiar faces make it perfect for family and friends.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Prepare for hilarious chaos in this obstacle course party game. Race, jump, grab, and climb your way through wacky stages filled with absurdly fun challenges. Laugh yourself silly as you stumble and tumble towards the crown in ever-growing rounds of wacky mayhem.

Super Kirby Clash

Embark on a charming cooperative adventure with friends or AI companions. Pick your Kirby variant with unique abilities, face off against colorful bosses, and collect loot to power up your heroes. Simple controls and bite-sized missions make it ideal for quick bursts of Kirby goodness.


Hunt colossal Behemoths in this Monster Hunter-inspired action RPG. Craft weapons and armor, master combos, and team up with fellow Slayers to take down epic beasts. Deep combat and a free-to-play model make it a rewarding alternative to its pricey inspiration.


Get bubblegum-soaked in this quirky battle royale. Master bubble techniques for offensive and defensive maneuvers, build towering structures, and customize your ninja with vibrant cosmetics. The unique bubble mechanics and fast-paced action offer a fresh take on the genre.

Tetris 99

The classic puzzle game gets a 99-player online twist. Clear lines to send blocks down to your opponents' grids, survive the tetrimino onslaught, and be the last player standing. A familiar formula infused with competitive tension makes it a surprisingly addictive brain-teaser.

These are just a few of the fantastic free-to-play options on the Switch. Remember, "free" doesn't always mean perfect - some games rely on microtransactions for cosmetic upgrades or faster progression. Before diving in, do your research and ensure the gameplay loop appeals to you before investing any time or money. Good luck and happy gaming!

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