Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Remove Co-op / Custom Characters?


Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Remove Co-op / Custom Characters?

Surya Kumar
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In Baldur’s Gate 3, co-op characters are bound to the campaign save files rather than the player’s respective account.
Currently, the only way to get past this is by creating a new campaign which means you have to start the game from scratch.
Players can also choose to create two (or more) different characters, one to play in a party with their friends and another if they wish to play solo.

Baldur’s Gate 3 just got its official full release on 3rd August for PC and a substantial amount of players are logging in to check out the final version of the game. The game gives players the choice to either play single-player with a party of NPC companions or four-player co-op with their mates. It also offers a variety of different classes and builds along with the option to build a custom character which is typical for an RPG. Unfortunately, many players are finding out that their custom characters are stuck in their friend’s party even after they close their game. Let’s take a look at this issue and attempt to find out if there are any possible solutions to solve it.

Removing Co-op and Custom Characters From a Party in Baldur’s Gate 3

If you take the single-player approach, you can easily swap between different NPC companions by simply resting at the camp. If you decide to play co-op, your party members can pretty much do their own quests and hang around the world of the Forgotten Realms. They can completely be independent of each other. One player can even suggest dialogue options to the other if they are interacting with an NPC.

However, if you decide to join a friend’s party or invite their custom character to your own party, you might find that there is no option to remove or kick these characters from your party even after they’ve left the game.

Understandably, this has frustrated many gamers who now have to create a fresh campaign in order to play through the game and swap party members. Here’s a Reddit thread on r/BaldursGate3 that discusses the issue and the frustration faced by the players.

Note that this issue occurs only when you join a save that has already made quite a bit of progress in the campaign. You will be prompted to create a custom character but the issue arises when you leave the game, where your custom character will pretty much be stuck to the party with no way to remove it.

Reasons Behind This Design Choice

The reason behind it lies within the save file of Baldur’s Gate 3 wherein if a co-op character joins a party they are now bound to the campaign save files rather than the player accounts. 

Furthermore, if you could use your custom character in two different saves, you would be over-leveled and it acts as a loophole of sorts. Players are also provided with the option to create multiple characters to use in different campaigns.

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