Assassin’s Creed Mirage Notoriety System Explained: How to Reduce Your Wanted Level?


Assassin’s Creed Mirage Notoriety System Explained: How to Reduce Your Wanted Level?

Surya Kumar
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AC Mirage brings back the notoriety meter from earlier entries in the franchise.
The notoriety system has three different tiers or levels and each of them gets increasingly challenging and reduces your chances of becoming anonymous.
Bribing a Munadi is the fastest and the most effective way to instantly get rid of your notoriety.

The newest AC game has finally been bestowed upon us and fans are overjoyed to get their hands on the title. This game brings a variety of features and gameplay elements paying homage to the initial games in the franchise. It also features city layouts and features inspired by AC Unity while running on the latest iteration of the game engine used in Valhalla.

Since Mirage is a game with a main emphasis on stealth, Ubisoft has also brought back the notoriety system from the early installments. Without further ado, Let’s dive right in and understand how this system works.

The Notoriety System in AC Mirage

In AC Mirage, players need to deal with up to three tiers of notoriety. This will be denoted by the Notoriety Meter located on the bottom right of your screen. If you commit any acts of crime such as stealing, trespassing, pickpocketing, or killing, Basim will have to face dire consequences, provided he gets detected. Here’s how all three tiers work:

Tier One: Wanted posters of Basim will be put up all over Baghdad and if in case you are recognized by the people around you, they will yell out to guards present in the locality. This won’t be much of an issue as long as there aren’t any guards at a close distance.

Tier Two: While the notoriety meter is at level 2, you will find that guards are more likely to detect you due to an increased perception. You will also find archers on rooftops, making it challenging to parkour through the buildings. The number of wanted posters will also rise.

Tier Three: This is pretty much equivalent to the 5-star wanted levels found in Grand Theft Auto games where you have elite guards on your tail. In AC Mirage, this will spawn an elite Shakiriyya guard who will actively track you down to eliminate you. Guards will also be hypervigilant and more people will gather around all wanted posters, giving you no room to wiggle out of the situation.

How Do You Lower Your Notoriety in AC Mirage?

Whether it's a trailing mission gone wrong, or you clicked on the wrong button while pickpocketing, your first move after getting caught should be to reach anonymity again.

There are three different ways to get rid of your wanted level in AC Mirage.

The first and the most obvious way is to use the cover options provided by the game. These include haystacks, haycarts, benches, bushes, tall grass, and even on the inside of wells. Staying here without engaging in any more criminal activity will slowly but surely bring your wanted level down.

Wanted Posters

The second method is by removing wanted posters put around the city. Removing a single wanted poster will remove one tier of your notoriety meter which means, if you have maximum notoriety, removing three posters will bring you back to being anonymous. Keep in mind that these posters will show up on your compass at the top of the screen when you are less than 40 meters away from it. Make sure there aren’t any guards in the vicinity as NPCs will recognize you while you are attempting to rip off these posters.

The third and final method is to bribe Munadi by offering them a Power Token. These Munadis can often be heard making announcements to people on the streets of various districts in Baghdad. Once you have located them, an icon will appear on your world map and also on the compass. This is the quickest way to instantly remove any notoriety. The Power Token required for this can either be obtained by completing contracts or ironically by pickpocketing people on the street. 

That is pretty much all you need to know about reducing your notoriety in Assassin’s Creed Mirage. AC Mirage is available on PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC, and Amazon Luna.

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