An Actual Ape is Playing Minecraft

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Kanzi playing Minecraft
A 42 year old bonobo has shocked the internet with his exceptional gaming skills by playing Minecraft.
The ape named Kanzi belongs to the Des Moines' Ape Cognition and Conservation Initiative.
Featured in a YouTube video by ChrisDaCow, Kanzi played Minecraft against a human player, who was pleasantly surprised by his gameplay.

With his enthusiasm and determination, there is a new entrant in the gaming world. A 42 year old bonobo ape has marked his debut as an ape-gamer with the classic open world game Minecraft. The ape, lovingly named Kanzi, is from a US research facility and has been using lexigrams and touch screens for communication. 

In his collaboration with the famous YouTuber, Christopher “ChrisDaCow” Slayton, Kanzi has finally entered the gaming world. ChrisDaCow reached out to the Des Moines' Ape Cognition and Conservation Initiative, inviting Kanzi for a fun-filled Minecraft experience. 

A Bonobo Ape Plays Minecraft

In a YouTube video, ChrisDaCow shared his fun-filled experience teaching Minecraft to Kanzi. The bonobo exhibited easy grasping skills, and was able to quickly understand the game, engaging in breaking blocks and gaining items. And as he would gain an item, ChrisDaCow and the director of the facility would feed Kanzi his favorite food items like peanuts, apples and grapes. 

The Minecraft world was specially designed for Kanzi, with unusually huge targets, so that he could easily navigate throughout the game with concentration and tap them better. Kanzi, being the determined and smart bonobo he is, broke one of the touchscreens due to his excitement. 

Within seconds, Kanzi knew exactly how to move in Minecraft,” Slayton said in shock as viewers witnessed the same in the now viral YouTube video. The director believes that this experience is essential for Kanzi as it adds an iota of diversity to his day, contributing to an enriching life for him. 

Kanzi Tricks A Human Player

While Kanzi excelled in the Minecraft world, ChrisDaCow decided to trick a Minecraft player into playing with an ape. The human player had no idea that he was playing with a bonobo. 

The online Minecraft player, Thomas ‘TommyInnit’ Simons, was absolutely shocked when he discovered that he had just traversed the Minecraft world with an ape. Letting out profanities and expressing his shock, he mentioned that he was pleasantly surprised at the ape’s gameplay. 

The YouTube video has garnered over 2.9 million views, and the facility has started a fundraiser to improve the lives of these bonobos and modernize research to expand more on these apes and understand their nature more closely. The Ape Initiative enjoys spending time with Kanzi, and six other bonobos, who are never forced to engage in activities, and live a fun-filled life.

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