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All Pumpkaboo Related Challenges in Pokémon Go Harvest Festival

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With the commencement of the Harvest Festival, the grass-type pumpkin-themed Pumpkaboo is featured as part of a collection event.
Players participating in collection challenges can win exciting Halloween-themed rewards as well as berries and candies to upgrade Pokémon.
They need to find a set of four types of Pumpkaboo to unpack exciting rewards.

With October’s spooky season on the horizon, Pokémon Go is hosting its Halloween event called the Pokémon Go Harvest Festival. It features a variety of tasks and challenges that players can complete to unlock exclusive rewards. One of the exclusive collection challenge in the Harvest Festival is the Pumpkaboo Challenge that offers exciting rewards to players who complete it successfully.

Players are tasked with finding different forms of Pumpkaboo and its evolution Gourgeist in this challenge. In this article, we’ll take you through the process of completing all Pumpkaboo-related challenges so that you can unpack exciting rewards in return. 

Pumpkaboo Challenge in Pokémon Go Harvest Festival Explained

Collection Challenges, added earlier this year to the game, are special in-game events where trainers are tasked with locating a specific set of Pokémon within a limited time frame. Players who complete the challenge receive items like berry or candy along with a Collection Challenge medal. The medal keeps updating as you make progress in the challenge. 

For the Harvest Festival, players have to find a specific set of Pumpkaboo Pokémon to unlock rewards. These Pokémon mostly differ in size, with a few exceptions. In the Pumpkaboo challenge, players have to find four Pumpkaboo and later evolve it into four Gourgeist (of the same four different sizes).

Be aware that Pumpkaboo’s size will affect the size of Gourgeist when evolved. For instance, if you evolve a small Pumpkaboo, you will only get a small Gourgeist.

Find the following for the Collection Challenge:

  • Small Pumpkaboo

  • Average Pumpkaboo

  • Large Pumpkaboo

  • Super Size Pumpkaboo

  • Small Gourgeist

  • Average Gourgeist

  • Large Gourgeist

  • Super Size Gourgeist

The rewards for this collection challenge are 5,000 XP, 2,500 Stardust, and 1x Mossy Lure Module.

If you are wondering what the difference between Pumpkaboo sizes is, it is simply just their stat distribution. While smaller sizes have slightly higher Defense and Attack stats, the larger ones have higher Stamina stats.

Pumpkaboo Challenge in Pokémon Go Harvest Festival


Finding Pumpkaboo during the Pokémon Go Harvest Festival

To find Pumpkaboo, you will be looking at the Overworld map. However, players cannot detect the size of Pumpkaboo just from the map. Therefore, they will need to capture it directly from the spawn. Given this is a Halloween-exclusive event, there will be an abundance of Pumpkaboo throughout the map. You need to find its spawn location and you can capture as many Pumpkaboo as you want. However, keep in mind that the Pumpkaboo type spawns at random.

If you wish to accelerate the spawn rate of Pumpkaboo, you can use a Lure Module to do so. Another tool that is popularly used to increase the spawn rate is incense. Alternatively, you can place a PokeStop on these items in the area where you want them to spawn. 

To double your reward in the end, make sure to capture Pumpkaboo using Pinap Berry. This will also help you later since Pumkaboo requires 200 candies to evolve. 

The Harvest Festival is the highlight of the spooky season and welcomes players to participate in various events to boost their performance as well as gather rewards. Not only do they get to witness Pumkaboo’s debut but also earn enough Candy to evolve it. The festival also invites players to participate in other events like field research, Pokestop showcases, etc. 

Notably, the Harvest Festival kicked off on 12th October and will come to a conclusion on 17th October.

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