All Modern Warfare 3 Calling Card Challenges and Rewards.


All Modern Warfare 3 Calling Card Challenges and Rewards

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Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 is set to release in a few weeks.
Dataminers have claimed access to several of the missions coming to the game.
Here are all Modern Warfare 3 calling card challenges and rewards.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 is all set for release on 10th November 2023. Players had a chance to get some exclusive rewards by completing the Modern Warfare 3 challenges. As the Modern Warfare 3 open beta went live, players are exploring new features the game has to offer. Here are All Modern Warfare 3 Calling Card challenges and rewards.

All Modern Warfare 3 Calling Card Challenges and Rewards

According to DETONATED, here is a list of all the Calling Cards and the challenges you need to complete when Modern Warfare 3 releases. Note that these challenges and rewards have not been confirmed by Activision or Sledgehammer Games, but sourced through data miners. So these may be subject to change upon the game’s release in November. 

  • Tag, You’re It! – Use the Spotter Scope to tag 60 enemies or items in Open Combat Missions.

  • Helo Hat Trick – Destroy each objective helicopter in ‘Reactor’ with a different Armament.

  • Back in the Field – Acquire the Major’s keycard in ‘Deep Cover’ within 90 seconds without being detected.

  • Sample Platter – Use 5 different Armaments in Open Combat Missions.

  • Gearhead – Collect all Weapons and Field Upgrades from Supply Boxes in Open Combat Missions.

  • Shot Blocked – Shoot the gun out of the air in ‘Flashpoint’ before a terrorist catches it.

  • Bulletproof – Find all Plate Carrier Upgrades in Open Combat Missions.”

  • That’s One Way to Do It… – Destroy an airborne enemy helicopter with a Mortar Strike.

  • Dialed In – Customize your loadout in every Open Combat Mission.”

  • Never Bury Your Enemies Alive – Complete the campaign.

  • Frequent Flyer – BASE jump and travel more than 150 m with your parachute.

  • Your Tax Dollars at Work – Use a missile to take out a single enemy in ‘Danger Close’.

  • 141 Ready – Complete the campaign on Veteran.

  • Bad Bedside Manner – Start shooting the paramedics in the VIP Lounge within a second of entering the room.

  • Bound and Magged – Find and use all Armaments in Open Combat Missions.

  • 2-fer – Kill 2 enemies with 1 bullet 5 times in ‘Payload’ while remaining silent.

  • Death Row – Kill 5 enemies while descending in the panopticon in ‘Operation 627’.

  • High Wire Act – Kill 5 enemies while using a zipline.

  • I Call Shotgun! – Drive a vehicle with a Sentry Gun on the back and have it kill 5 enemies.

  • Think She’ll Notice? – Destroy all of the cars in the mansion garage in ‘Oligarch’.

  • Floater – Parachute off a Gantry Crane onto the roof of the Harbormaster’s Building in ‘Precious Cargo’.

  • Final Stop – Flashbang an enemy on the tracks so they are killed by a train.

  • Elevator Out of Order – Reach the roof in ‘Highrise’ in under 5 minutes.

  • Hey, Catch! – Throw and hit an enemy directly with a Flammable Cannister then blow them up with it.

  • Have You Tried Turning it Off and On? – Use a Shock Stick to disable an enemy Sentry Turret.

Here are the calling cards you’ll be receiving as rewards for completing these challenges.

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