Adin Ross Ready to Spend $1,000,000 to Stream With Eminem on Kick


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Adin Ross Ready to Spend $1,000,000 to Stream With Eminem on Kick

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Adin Ross is undoubtedly a streaming sensation in the industry with millions of followers.
In a recent live stream, Adin Ross claimed that he's willing to spend $1,000,000 to partner up with Eminem on his Kick channel.

Adin Ross stands as one of the biggest streamers in the entire world over the last couple of years. The streamer initially grew on Twitch, but he soon moved to Kick, gaining more followers and money. Adin Ross has been making gambling deals with Stake, which has led to quite some problems. Still, he is always looking for interesting guests and partners, even if most people want to stay away from the streamer.

Eminem is all set to perform live on Fortnite this weekend, and fans are pretty much excited. Overall, one of the people who seems to be most excited is Adin Ross. During a recent live stream, Adin Ross revealed he’s willing to spend $1,000,000 to stream with Eminem on his Kick channel.

Adin Ross Wants to Spend $1,000,000 to Stream with Eminem 

Adin Ross mainly covers gaming, reaction, and gambling content, but he has been keen on trying to invite famous personalities on his channel for interviews. It’s been quite miserable for him and his fame in the past, but the streaming legend is already preparing for the next.

On his recent live stream on Kick, Adin claimed that he’s ready to pay $1,000,000 to bring Eminem on his livestream and conduct an interview. After stating he’s willing to spend an insane amount to collaborate with Eminem on his Kick channel, Adin said 

“"Someone tell Paul Rosenberg to hit my line. Someone tell Paul Rosenberg to text David Stromberg; look at that - Rosenberg and Stromberg. Tell them an M to get M on stream."

Adin clearly wanted someone to get this word to Paul Rosenberg, who is Eminem’s manager. He believes his interaction with Eminem would be the greatest interview stream of all time. 

The online community genuinely has trust issues regarding Adin, but they believe that Adin collaborating with Eminem would be pretty good. A lot of people have commented that Eminem would not come on stream for just a million dollars, while few have said it would take at least $10,000,000 USD to get him on. The rapping legend has yet to respond to Adin Ross’s request, but fans believe the streamer is just trying to give false hopes. A few people even believe that Adin will probably bring an Eminem lookalike on stream. 

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