How to Score a German Cross in FIFA 23


How to Score a German Cross in FIFA 23

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A German cross is a unique mechanic featured in FIFA 23 that allows players to perform a maneuver that is guaranteed to end up as a goal
The German cross aka Flankenwechsel is considered to be one of the most overpowered mechanics in the game.

The German cross is a term popularized by competitive German players. It involves delivering a precise cross that can break through enemy defenses. Upon executing it correctly, players will be able to make sure they have an upper hand against their opponents. Many streamers and professional players consider this technique to be really overpowered and some even go as far as criticizing EA Sports to patch it up. In this article, you will learn how to perform this maneuver without compromise

How to perform a German Cross in FIFA

To perform a German cross (also known as a "Flankenwechsel" in German) in FIFA, follow these steps:

Positioning: Make sure you have a player on the wing who has good crossing ability and is in a wide position. This could be a winger or a full-back.

Build up the play: Advance the ball towards the opponent's goal by passing and dribbling. Look for an opportunity to switch the play to the other side of the field.

Switch the play: When you see an opening on the opposite wing, use a long pass or a through ball to switch the play quickly. This means passing the ball diagonally from one wing to the other.

Time the pass: Make sure you time the pass accurately, taking into account the movement of your teammates and the positioning of the opponent's defenders. You want to ensure the ball reaches the next player through the enemy's defenses.

Receiver's movement: Take control of the player who is supposed to receive the pass. You now want to deliver a cross into the box.

Cross the ball: As the player receives the pass, use the appropriate controls to execute a cross towards your teammates in the penalty area. In FIFA, this is usually done by pressing the cross button (such as square or X) while aiming towards your intended target.

Aim for the target: When crossing, try to aim for a teammate in a scoring position. Look for players making runs into the box or positioning themselves well for a header or shot on goal.

Remember, successfully executing a German cross requires good timing, awareness of your surroundings, and precision in both the pass and the cross. Practice these techniques in different game situations to improve your chances of success.

Overall, the German cross seems to be a pretty potent technique that unlocks the capability to score goals from wider areas. If you already have access to a pretty solid in-game roster and follow the steps mentioned above, it will allow for some really good goal-scoring opportunities

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