FIFA 23: What Is the New AcceleRATE Feature, and How Does It Work?


FIFA 23: What Is the New AcceleRATE Feature, and How Does It Work?

Surya Kumar
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The acceleRATE feature in FIFA 23 is a brand new player movement system which classifies players into three different classes - controlled, lengthy and explosive.
This HyperMotion 2 based feature is exclusive to new gen devices like the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PC.

FIFA 23 is getting yet another additional feature to it called the acceleRATE feature which is based on the HyperMotion2 technology. This technology was developed by EA Sports and it will be featured both in FIFA 23 and the upcoming EA Sports FC 24. This next gen exclusive feature will classify footballers into three different categories - controlled, lengthy and explosive.

HyperMotion2 technology also allows for advanced 11v11 match capture, which means players can now enjoy rewatching and capturing some of the most exhilarating moments that FIFA 23 has to offer.

How Does the Accelerate Feature Work in FIFA 23?

The new acceleRAte feature in FIFA 23 expands on the player movement system which basically divides players into three categories:

The controlled acceleRATE type: This type of players offer the most balanced FIFA experience which is unlike the other two types which focuses on certain physical attributes present in the players like their height and their agility. An example of this would be PSG’s Kylian Mbappé who has a pace of 97

The explosive acceleRATE type: These types of players have insane agility due to their short height. It allows them to cover short distances much faster than a controlled type player. However, the main disadvantage of a player with an explosive playstyle is that they are only able to do so in quick little bursts. An example of a player with this playstyle would be Real Madrid’s Vinicius Jr who has a pace of 95

The lengthy acceleRATE type: players with lengthy acceleRATE types have a tall physical stature making them less agile than an explosive or even a controller player type. However their stature also makes them pretty strong in terms of stamina as they are able to maintain their pace for quite a while. Manchester United’s Casamiro would be a prime example of a lengthy player type who has a pace of 63

The acceleRATE Feature in FIFA 23 is certainly another new and exciting feature. It has made several fans anticipate its arrival in the upcoming EA Sports FIFA 24 as well.

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