FIFA 23 Teji Savanier Level up SBC - How to Complete, Costs, and More


FIFA 23 Teji Savanier Level up SBC - How to Complete, Costs, and More

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The Teji Savanier SBC is currently up and running on FIFA 23, giving players the chance to grab several in-game rewards and items.
SBCs in FIFA 23 offers players a chance to build their squads efficiently in exchange for rewards and items.

Teji Savanier is a Center Midfielder (CM) who plays for Montpellier HSC.The 31 year old French footballer is excellent when it comes to pushing the ball forward and consistently keeping up with an offensive playstyle.His In-game stats are also quite impressive. Teji Savanier has an overall rating of 81 with a potential to maintain the same.The captain of Montpellier HSC has a four star skill move rating and a five star weak foot rating. The Teji Savanier SBC is fairly easy to complete when compared to previous SBC that was offered in FIFA 23.

How to Complete the Teji Savanier Level up SBC in FIFA 23

The Teji Savanier SBC is fairly easy to complete considering that players only have to spend about 38,000 FUT coins. The Squad Building Challenge is available in-game for another eleven days as of July 9th 2023.The Teji Savanier SBC has certain requirements in-order to complete it. Players have to meet certain conditions like squad rating, team chemistry and player position etc 

 These are the in-game requirements for completing the Teji Savanier challenge:

  • Number of players from Ligue 1: Min 1

  • Squad Rating: Min 85

  • Number of players in the Squad: 11

Upon completing this players will be awarded with a Teji Savanier level up card.

Further tips for completing such SBCs:

Players are advised to look for the in-game market to compare and contrast several different attributes that these player cards have along with the prices of such cards. There is a possibility that you might run into several cards that offer great player attributes for a relatively cheap price.It is also important to develop a great formation of players. Taking a look at several attributes like players synergy, team chemistry etc, will certainly come in handy.

Overall the Teji Savanier works as a means to add a really solid player card to your in-game roster, especially if you are considering an attack based formation.

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