How to get UCL Rüdiger For Free In EA Sports FC Mobile


UEFA Champions League

How to get UCL Rüdiger For Free In EA Sports FC Mobile

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The highly awaited UEFA Champions League began on 26th October and will run till 23rd November 2023.
This league will give players a chance to earn many rewards, including the precious Real Madrid center-back Antonio Rüdiger, well-known for his incredible defensive skills.
Here's all you need to know about how to obtain Antonio Rüdiger for free in EA Sports FC Mobile.

EA FC 24 has introduced a lot of game modes post the EA FIFA split, and one of them is a well-received club competing game mode known as the UEFA Champions League (UCL), inspired by the real-life UCL. The league begins with the group stage level and goes all the way to the final until a reigning champion is announced.

One of the perks of partaking in this campaign in EA Sports FC Mobile is that players can get certain football stars for free. Having these stars on their team is a valuable addition to boost one’s stats. 

One such talent is the fabulous Real Madrid center-back named Antonio Rüdiger. He boasts an overall rating of 89 on his card and is best known for his 2021 UEFA Champions League winning title. Players of the game now have the opportunity to bag this skilled football player and have him on their teams, and that too for free in EA Sports

This article is an easy guide that will help you get UCL Rüdiger for free in EA Sports FC Mobile. 

Free UCL Rüdiger Card In EA Sports FC Mobile

The 89-rated Rüdiger can be obtained for free in EA Sports FC Mobile when you participate in the UEFA Champions League. You can do so by completing the group stage of the promo. Completing this stage can also help you amass different rewards and one of them is the precious Antonio Rüdiger. 

Completing the UEFA Group Stage in EA Sports FC Mobile

To progress through the group stage, players need to acquire UCL points as well as purchase team logos. They can play matches and participate in skill games in order to gather UCL points, which will in turn help them complete the group stage and take them a step closer to getting Rüdiger. Obviously, if it fits one's budget, there’s always the option to purchase these UCL points in exchange for FC points. 

For players who prefer a non-purchasing approach, they can earn 40 UCL points every day: 25 through matches and participate in skill games. They can also earn an additional 15 points by watching advertisements. This will take around 20 days to accumulate the required UCL points to add Antonio Rüdiger to your squad.

The next step is to gather team logos. Each individual team logo can be obtained for 25 UCL points. To earn Antonio Rüdiger as your reward, you would require 32 individual team logos. This entails earning 800 points in total to secure Rüdiger. 

Since it will take around 20 days to accumulate all the points and logos, you can quicken the process by also completing the UCL quests. These may be a little more time-consuming, but they can be quite effective in obtaining UCL points in bulk. 

Once you complete these steps and surpass the 8 group stages, you will be able to add Antonio Rüdiger to your football team and boost your performance stats. 

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