How To Get Gems In EA Sports FC Mobile: Explained with different methods


How To Get Gems In EA Sports FC Mobile

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Points in EA Sports FC can significantly impact your gaming experience. They are useful in unlocking players, customizations, and skills.
However, not everyone is comfortable spending money on purchasing points.
In their place, players can use gems, which are valuable items in EA Sports FC Mobile.

Amassing points in EA Sports FC Mobile is an important part of the game. It is essential to unlock players, customizations, and new skills. However, not everyone is willing to spend hundreds of dollars on making these in-app purchases. Instead of acquiring points, players can instead steer in the direction of obtaining Gems. Not only do Gems save money, but they are also one of the most valuable items in the game. 

In this guide, we’ll explore a variety of ways that will help you secure these precious Gems in EA Sports FC Mobile and take your gaming experience to the next level using the same Gems. 

Acquiring Gems in EA Sports FC Mobile

Getting your hands on EA Sports FC Mobile Gems takes both time and effort. Here are some of the methods in which you can earn Gems in EA Sports FC Mobile:

  1. Daily Quests

This is probably the easiest and most reliable go-to method for Gem acquisition in EA Sports FC Mobile. All you have to do is complete daily missions and secure more than 360 Gems per day. Moreover, the game also offers enticing weekly quests that can help you acquire almost 1,000 Gems. 

  1. Daily Login Rewards

If you want to earn Gems but do not have the time, you can also rely on login rewards to fulfill that purpose. The only thing you need to do is login every day religiously, and in no time, you will be able to collect an ample amount of Gems. This method is widely popular due to ts effortless nature and guaranteed gem acquisition. 

  1. Compete Tapjoy missions

For the uninitiated, Tapjoy missions are missions offered by game developers and creators where players need to complete a specific set of surveys or download applications in exchange for in-game currency. 

Similarly, players can participate in these missions for EA Sports FC Mobile and amass thousands of gems in an hour. However, these missions occur for a limited period of time, so better keep an eye out for them. 

  1. Division Rivals

If you have exhausted all the above methods and are looking for other ways to earn this precious currency, then you can switch to the Division Rivals game mode. This game mode allows you to earn competitive points, which can be later exchanged for precious in-game gems. 

  1. Ad-packs

If you are here for longer hours and don’t mind spending a few extra minutes on the game, then this method is the best for you. All you need to do is spend around 30-45 seconds on sponsorship ads and you can secure 100 gems every 24 hours. 

Alternatively, players can complete challenges in the game. You can receive certain amount of Gems for every victory you make. Likewise, completing Star Pass is also another method. However, this is a time-consuming one, and if you're looking for fast rewards, this is not your cup of tea.

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