How to Do a Rainbow Flick in EA FC 24


How To Do a Rainbow Flick in EA FC 24

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Rainbow flick in EA FC 24 allows players to surprise their opponents and add a flair of personality and beauty to their shots.
This article shares two different methods of performing the rainbow flick trick shot.

Whether its real life football or the immersive world of virtual reality, fans and players enjoy fancy shots. Not only do they make the goal shots look attractive but can also catch one's opponents off guard. If you are looking for a way to show off your football skills, a rainbow flick is one of the best ways to get started. As time goes on and your gameplay improves, you can advance your rainbow flick into something more extravagant. 

In EA FC 24, a rainbow flick is a simple trick that involves rolling the ball at the back of one leg, tossing it over one's own head, and flicking it to the next, in order to confuse the opponent. The name suggests the rainbow arc-like shape in which the ball travels. Prominent players like Neymar are best known for using this trick in their matches.

In this article, we’ll share how you can impress your teammates and shock your opponents with a rainbow flick in EA FC 24. 

Rainbow Flick in EA FC 24: What Is It? How to Perform?

One needs to keep in mind, before starting, that this trick is a 4-star trick and, hence, can only be performed by players who have a minimum of 4 stars. However, as previously mentioned, if you want to do advanced tricks, then a 5-star player is perfect for it. After you have decided which player you want to practice the trick on, its time to learn how to actually do it. 

Keep in mind that timing is everything for this move and even a fraction of second could dismantle the entire move. Watch the ball carefully and stimulate your devices as and when it’s suitable.

Here's how you do the rainbow flick on PlayStation and on Xbox: 

On both devices, flick your right stick down and then up quickly. Keep in mind that just like every other skill in EA FC 24, the direction will change depending on the player’s position from which you are attempting to do the skill. Once you perform this trick, it will flick the ball up in the air and over your player’s head.

Some more different rainbow flick variations:

  • Advanced Rainbow Flick: Flick right stick down, hold up, and then flick up.

  • Flair Rainbow Flick: Hold L1/LT and flick the right stick down and up.

So there you have it! That is everything you need to know about rainbow flick trick shot and a couple of variations that you can try once you get the hang of it. 

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