The Best Young Center Backs in EA FC 24


The Best Young Center Backs in EA FC 24 (Career Mode)

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Career Mode is an important aspect of playing EA FC 24 and as you start your managerial career, it is important to pick the right players.
A facet of choosing the right players is having the ability to spot young talent in the beginning so that you can mentor them and witness their stardom in the future.
In this article, we’ll take a look at the best young center backs in EA FC 24 that you should pick for your team.

Every position on a football field is crucial to winning a match, and the center back is an all-important role. As a result, when you are playing EA FC 24, the importance of having the best center backs in your team prevails. Players are always on the lookout for young talent that can add value to their teams. These budding stars not only promise rapid growth but also represent high investments as their market value soars. 

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best young center backs in EA FC 24 that you must add to your team as you embark on your managerial journey. 

The Best Career Mode Center Backs in EA FC 24

Signing the best young center backs in Career Mode can make all the difference to any EA Sports FC 24 manager's season. Here are some of the players you can recruit.

1. António Silva

António Silva

António Silva is a remarkable young gem from Benfica who has gradually rose to fame as one of the best players in EA FC 24. Currently boasting an overall rating of 78, it is speculated that it can be stretched to 88 after 4 to 5 seasons. However, this Portuguese prodigy comes at a cost. While there is no doubt that Silva is one of the best defenders out there, his initial valuation is set at €24.5 Million Euros. In total, though, you should be ready to spend around €30 Million to secure his services in the very first season.

2. Jorrel Hato

Jorrel Hato

If you are looking for a player bursting with potential but can’t afford them, then Jorrel Hato will come to your defense. He currently boasts an overall rating of 68, which is predicted to jump a few numbers and land at 87. This Dutch star is a versatile asset for your team, switching back and forth between center back and left-back roles as the circumstances demand. His exceptional dribbling and passing skills also make him a desirable player that everyone wishes to own. His current worth is €2.8 Million.

3. Gonçalo Inácio

Gonçalo Inácio

Another exceptionally young gem in the football world is Gonçalo Inácio. Hailing from Sporting CP, has swiftly become a regular feature in their starting lineup. His reputation has already been solidified since the 2020-21 season. He promises an impressive future overall rating of 86, a high jump from the current OVR of 79. His in-game stats are pretty impressive, especially his prowess in long passing, an ideal skill if you are looking to switch the play from one side of the field to the other. However, such gems come at a cost. Inácio is valued at a hefty €33 Million, a price tag that only the top-tier teams can afford.

4. Leon King

Leon King

Another budget-saving, economical choice on this list is the exceptional Scottish star, Leon King. He is starting his football career with a modest rating of 66, which is speculated to jump to an impressive overall rating of 85. The all-encompassing charm of picking Leon King is that you can own this player for a mere couple of millions of in-game currency. 

5. Piero Hincapié

Piero Hincapié

Piero Hincapié, the Ecuadorian center back, shines as a prized asset for Bayer Leverkusen. He has gradually risen to fame with his exceptional speed and ability to match the pace of wingers and strikers. Currently, he has a commendable rating of 79 and an incredible array of skills that set him apart from other players. He is likely to rise to a stellar rate of 86 and become extremely valuable in the future. He is a multifaceted player who can absolutely add a lot to your team.

As you grow and develop as a manager in EA FC 24, you also get to witness the rapid development of these young players into potential future football stars.

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