Here’s How You Can Complete the EA FC 24 Year In Review Player SBC


Here’s How You Can Complete the EA FC 24 Year In Review Player SBC

Surya Kumar
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The Year In Review SBC requires you to form two rosters consisting of 84-rated and 85-rated footballers.
You will receive a premium jumbo gold pack and a regular jumbo gold pack for your endeavors.

Following the trend of Year In Reviews, players of EA FC 24 have also received one in the form of a Squad Building Challenge (SBC) as part of Ultimate Team. As part of this, you will receive numerous lucrative rewards such as a large number of Base Icon cards along with a unique card released back in November. As it is with most SBCs, the main challenge would be to gather the amount of coins required to complete it. Without further ado, let’s jump right in and finish this FC 24 Year In Review challenge.

How to Complete the Year In Review SBC in EA FC 24?

As mentioned above, the most efficient way to complete this SBC would be to spend the lowest amount of coins possible on Fodder. However before you can start assembling your team, you need to meet the following requirements:

Task 1: 84-Rated Squad

  • Minimum Team Of The Week Players: 1

  • Minimum Team Rating: 84

  • Number of Players in the Squad: 11

Task 2: 85-Rated Squad

  • Minimum Team Rating: 85

  • Number of Players in the Squad: 11

Completing this challenge will cost you around 95,000 Coins if you purchase all of your Fodder from the Ultimate Team market. Of course, your prices will be a lot more cheaper if you already own a majority of the required cards. You can also grind out Division Rivals and Squad Battles if you do not wish to spend your coins.

Here are the cheapest solutions to complete this:

84-Rated Squad

  • Hojbjerg (CDM): 84 OVR

  • Brandt (CAM): 84 OVR

  • Rauch (LB): 83 OVR

  • Nnadozie (GK): 84 OVR

  • Botman (CB): 83 OVR

  • Moffi (ST): 85 OVR

  • Bixby (GK): 84 OVR

  • Depay (CF): 84 OVR

  • Hernandez (CB): 84 OVR

  • Murphy (GK): 83 OVR

  • Inigo Martinez (CB): 82 OVR

This roster would cost you 54,600 (approx) on PlayStation and Xbox and 56,150 (approx) on PC.

85-Rated Squad

  • Sergio Busquets (CDM): 83 OVR

  • Brozovic (CDM): 83 OVR

  • Trippier (RB): 85 OVR

  • Eriksen (CM): 83 OVR

  • Rodriguez (CDM): 83 OVR

  • Little (CM): 86 OVR

  • Schmidt (CM): 83 OVR

  • Saka (RW): 86 OVR

  • Dzeko (ST): 83 OCR

  • Kvaratskhelia (LW): 86 OVR

  • Alexander-Arnold (RB): 86 OVR

This roster would cost 40,050 (approx) on PlayStation and Xbox and 44,400 (approx) on PC.

Upon completing the 84-Rated task, you will receive a Tradeable Jumbo Gold Pack with a mix of 24 items such as player cards and consumables, along with 3 Rares. Finishing up the 85-Rated task will grant you a Tradeable Premium Jumbo Gold Pack which is twice the size of the previous reward. You will find 24 Gold items and 7 Rares.

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