Flair Pass in EA FC 24: What is it? How to do it?

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Flair Pass in EA FC 24: What is it? How to do it?</p></div>
Flair Pass in EA FC 24: What is it? How to do it?


EA FC 24

Performing on field in EA FC 24 can be a visually appealing experience if you know the right moves on field.
One of these moves is the flair pass, which can be executed with perfection after you practice it properly in the practice arena.
In this article, we will share everything you need to know about the Flair pass

While on the football field, players always want to add charm to their performances to make it visually appealing to watch them on screen. This means upgrading your moves and adding nuance. The same is the case when you’re doing this in EA FC 24.

While your opponents might get an idea of where the ball is going to go, with the direction you are facing, having moves that are stylish as well as clever can prevent that from happening. 

This is where you need to learn about flair pass in EA FC 24. These are passes that you can practice to catch your opponent off guard as well as swiftly deliver the ball to your teammates. While this move does add style to your movement, it is also so much more than that. You can pass the ball with an unprompted backheel or add a jump for a surprise. 

Everything you wish to know about the flair pass in EA FC 24 can be found here. Read ahead to know how you can execute it. 

What is a Flair Pass in EA FC 24?

The flair pass in EA FC 24 is an advanced type of pass that requires players to press an additional button on your controller.

A lot of skill moves and advanced mechanics in the game are usually only unlocked when players are using a footballer with a high skill rating of 4* and above. However, the flair pass can be performed with everyone in the game, regardless of their skill.

While this advanced pass can be performed at any given time in a match, there are certain situations where it could work best. When a flair pass is executed, the footballer on screen will not change their direction before making a pass.

You can use flair passes to make room for yourself when approaching a goalpost or to let your teammate sprint to their designated position. This move can be learned easily and you can practice it till satisfaction in the practice arena.

How To Execute a Flair Pass in EA FC 24?

Executing a flair pass in EA FC 24 is a two-buttons combo and can be done as follows on various gaming platforms:

  • PlayStation – L2 + X

  • Xbox – LT + A

  • PC – W + Right-click

On Xbox and PlayStation, players can also perform a bunch of other moves combined with the flair pass. These include moves like flair through passing the ball, flair lob pass and flair shot. You can perform them as follows:

On Xbox

  • Flair through pass: Hold LT+Y

  • Flair lob pass: Hold LT+X

  • Flair shot: Hold LT+B

On PlayStation

  • Flair through pass: Hold L2+Triangle

  • Flair lob pass: Hold L2+Square

  • Flair shot: Hold L2+Circle

Make sure that you practice these moves in the improvement arena to make these passes a part of your game. This can help you elevate the visual appeal of your game stance, as well as catch your enemies off guard when needed.

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