FIFA 23 DirectX Error: Causes and Fixes


FIFA 23 DirectX Error: Causes and Fixes

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Here’s how you can fix the pesky Directx error that has been plaguing gamers in FIFA 23, while also understanding the causes and possible solutions behind it.
The DirectX error occurs when there is an incompatibility between the game and the DirectX software on Windows.

The DirectX error occurs when there is an issue between FIFA 23 and the DirectX components installed on your computer. DirectX works as a software that manages the graphics and sounds of your computer. If there is a compatibility issue between FIFA 23 and the DirectX software, players might experience game crashes and game launch issues. The code for this DirectX error is “DirectX Function/Dx12Renderer/NvAPI_D3D12/DXGI/Device Hung”

FIFA 23 DirectX Error: Causes

Outdated DirectX version : One of the main reasons for the FIFA 23 DirectX error is that the DirectX version is old or outdated. The software requires the latest version available in order to run optimally.

Missing or corrupted DirectX files : There is a possibility that FIFA 23 might undergo a crash or have launch issues if the DirectX files present in the system are corrupted or missing. This might be due to malware on your system or an incomplete installation of DirectX.

Outdated graphics drivers : DirectX error might also occur due to old or incompatible graphics drivers, after all they are essential to even run a high resolution YouTube video, let alone an entire game.

FIFA 23 DirectX Error: Solutions and Troubleshooting Tips

Re-install or update your existing DirectX software : You can start by taking a look at the software version of DirectX running on your PC. You can either visit the Microsoft Store or use the DirectX installer that is bundled with FIFA 23. If the issue still exists, you can choose to do a fresh install of the software on your computer.

Update windows and graphic card drivers : If reinstalling DirectX fails, you might want to try updating windows and the graphic card drivers installed in your system. You can do that by simply visiting the manufacturer’s website and downloading the files from your respective GPU manufacturer which is typically either Nvidia or AMD.

Re-install FIFA 23 : If the DirectX error has not been resolved upon following these steps, it is possible that the files in FIFA 23 might be the culprit. Re-installing FIFA 23 will ensure that the files are brand new hence possibly solving the error

If all else fails, you might have to get in touch with EA’s technical support team who will guide you through their own steps and methods to resolve the issue.

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