EA Sports FC 24: Who Are the Best Founder’s Evolution Players?


EA Sports FC 24: Who Are the Best Founder’s Evolution Players?

Surya Kumar
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Founder’s Evolution player upgrade can be unlocked after completing two levels of challenges which requires you to win a total of 6 Squad Battles or Rivals.
This Evolution will provide a significant improvement to forward players and make them a force to be reckoned with.
Keep in mind that the required tasks must be completed at least on the semi-pro difficulty.

The newly released EA Sports FC 24 continues to impress fans of the series regardless of the studio cutting its ties with FIFA. This latest iteration brings a ton of improvements from previous entries in terms of its graphics, mechanics, and gameplay elements. One such change is the addition of Evolution to the Ultimate Team mode where you can upgrade player cards if you meet the requirements and complete challenges. Let’s go ahead and take a look specifically at the Founder’s Evolution in FC 24.

Founder’s Evolution in EA Sports FC 24

Players who pick up the game before 1st November will be granted the Founder status which grants you bonuses such as an FC Founder badge and kit for Ultimate Team. Another new addition to this is the Founder’s Evolution which allows you to upgrade a forward player upon meeting the requirements. Here’s what you will need:

  • Overall Rating: Maximum of 83

  • Pace: 91

  • Dribbling: 83

  • Physicality: 85

  • Type: Rare Gold

In order to receive this upgrade you must also complete two levels of challenges that require you to equip a striker as the active evolution player. Here are the levels:

  • Level One requires you to win 2 Squad Battles or Rivals using your active EVO player on semi-pro difficulty.

  • Level Two requires you to win 4 Squad Battles with the active EVO player on semi-pro difficulty.

Upon completing these tasks, these will be the upgrades to your selected player:

Pace: +3

Shooting: +3

Dribbling: +3

Physicality: +3

Weak Foot: One extra star

Overall Rating: +2

Here Are the Best Players for Founder’s Evolution in EA Sports FC 24

Timo Werner

This 27-year-old forward currently plays for the Bundesliga club RB Leipzig and the German National Team. With an overall rating of 82, this striker understandably has high attack work rates and medium defense work rates with 4-star weak foot and 3-star skill moves. His PlayStyles are Rapid and Quick Step. Here are his other base stats:

  •  Pace: 91 

  • Shooting: 80

  • Passing: 70

  • Dribbling: 82

  • Defending: 35

  • Physicality: 69

Laura Freigang

This German footballer plays as the forward for Frauen-Bundesliga club Eintracht Frankfurt and the German National Team. This 25-year-old central attack midfielder has 4-star skill moves and would definitely benefit from the extra weak foot. She has an overall rating of 83 with high attack work rates. Her PlayStyles are Jockey, Flair, First Touch, and Press Proven. Here are her other stats:

  •  Pace: 81

  • Shooting: 84 

  • Passing: 72

  • Dribbling: 81

  • Defending: 26

  • Physicality: 72

Darwin Núñez

Darwin Núñez is a Uruguayan striker who plays for the Premier League club Liverpool and the Uruguay National Team. He has an impressive set of stats in-game proving his worth as a forward. He has 82 OVR with high attack and defense work rates despite being a forward. His PlayStyles are Rapid and Quick Step. with the Evolutions upgrade, he will certainly be a force to be reckoned with. Here are his other original stats:

  •  Pace: 90

  • Shooting: 81  

  • Passing: 71

  • Dribbling: 76

  • Defending: 43

  • Physicality: 85

This is pretty much all the information you need to know about the Founder’s Evolution in EA Sports FC 24. Check out the official EA Player Database for complete data on your favorite footballers.

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