EA Sports FC 24: What Is Golden Glow Up Part One and Who Are the Best Players?


EA Sports FC 24: What Is Golden Glow Up Part One and Who Are the Best Players?

Surya Kumar
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The Golden Glow Up Part One Evolution provides drastic upgrades to elevate various Bronze players in the game.
There are two levels of challenges you need to complete which involve winning Squad Battles or Division matches in semi-pro difficulty.

EA Sports FC 24 has finally been released and several fans are overjoyed to explore this newest entry into the franchise. The season 1 Ultimate Team and Career Mode events are already live with many positive player responses. The game also introduces a new feature called Evolutions which lets you boost player ratings. The Golden Glow Up evolution is the newest in the line for Evolutions and it can be a bit overwhelming as there are several players you can choose from the game’s colossal roster. Let’s delve into it.

What Is the Golden Glow Up Part One Evolution in EA Sports FC 24?

The Golden Glow Up Part 1 Evolution allows you to provide a drastic upgrade to the overall stats of Bronze players. Although that sounds exciting, there are several requirements that you need to fulfill before you can start your upgrades. Here are the prerequisites:

  • Overall Rating: Maximum of 64

  • Position: CM

  • Shooting: Maximum of 64

  • Physicality: Maximum of 73

  • Defense: Maximum of 65

  • Pace: Maximum of 75

  • Dribbling: Maximum of 70

How Can You Upgrade Players Using Golden Glow Up Part One?

In order to upgrade Bronze players using this Evolution, you must complete a few challenges that will grant you various rewards. The first part of Golden Glow Up showcases two levels:

  • Level one requires you to play two Squad Battles or Division Rival matches using an active evolution (EVO)  player in semi-pro difficulty.

  • Level two requires winning three Squad Battles with an active EVO player with semi-pro difficulty.

Here are all the stats you can enhance by upgrading an active EVO player:

  • +5 Pace

  • +16 Shooting

  • +14 Passing

  • +16 Dribbling

  • +15 Defending

  • +12 Physicality

  • +16 Overall Rating

Based on these stats you can boost a player with a 64 Overall Rating all the up to a rating of 80.

Who Are the Best Players for the Golden Glow Up Evolution Part One?

Here are the best-suited players for the Golden Glow Up Evolution:

Myles Peart-Harris

This 21-year-old English footballer fills the role of an attacking midfielder for Premier League Club Brentford. He has pretty decent stats all across the board with an Overall Rating of 63. Here are all of his base stats:

  • Pace: 63

  • Shooting: 61

  • Passing: 63

  • Dribbling: 63

  • Defending: 52

  • Physicality: 68

Gustavo Puerta

This 20-year-old Columbian currently plays as a CM for Bayer Leverkusen. He has an OVR of 63 with medium on both attack and defense work rates. Here are his other base stats:

  • Pace: 65

  • Shooting: 56

  • Passing: 59

  • Dribbling: 60

  • Defending: 58

  • Physicality: 60

Enzo Barrenchea

This Argentinian currently plays as a central or a defense midfielder for the Italian Serie A club Frosinone. The 22-year-old has medium defense work rates with 3-star skill moves. He also has the Long Ball Pass PlayStyle although he does not have a signature move. Here are his other base stats:

  • Pace: 62

  • Shooting: 63 

  • Passing: 63

  • Dribbling: 68

  • Defending: 58

  • Physicality: 64

That is pretty much everything you need to know about the Golden Glow Up Part One EVO players in EA FC 24. Feel free to check out the official EA Player Ratings Database as there is an abundance of players in this category.

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