EA Sports FC 24 and PepsiCo Collaboration: Rumored Codes, Potential Ultimate Team Rewards & More


EA Sports FC 24 & PepsiCo Collaboration: Rumored Codes & Ultimate Team Rewards

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As part of the EA Sports FC 24 and PepsiCo collaboration, players will reportedly get redeem codes for in-game items inside the wrapper of Pepsi Bottles with the EA Sports FC logo on them.
Unfortunately, these rewards are expected to be available exclusively to fans who live in Great Britain, Belgium, France, The Netherlands, and Norway, according to leaks.

EA Sports FC 24 is all ready to hit the shelves on 29th September across a variety of platforms such as PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Considering the fact that Electronic Arts (EA) ended its thirty-year partnership with FIFA, the company has been actively partnering up with several brands in order to promote its new football title, EA Sports FC 24. Apart from its partnership with Nike for its Mad Ready Ultimate Team Promo, the brand joined hands with PepsiCo in July 2023.

Recent leaks on social media suggest that the collaboration will reportedly be offering redeem codes to potential players of the new game. Here’s all we know about the EA Sports FC 24 and Pepsi promo.

How Will the EA Sports X PepsiCo Collab Work?

According to leaks, the collaboration between PepsiCo and EA Sports will reportedly allow fans to unlock in-game rewards when they purchase a bottle of Pepsi with the EA Sports FC logo on it. You will find a redeem code on the inside of the wrapper and you have to navigate to the Pepsi website to get your hands on the in-game rewards.

You might also have to link your EA account to receive the items in-game. The reward will most likely be an Ultimate Team kit sporting the brand’s blue, red, and white colors. These are most probably cosmetic items that will not have an actual effect on the game, unlike the Nike Promo Cards.

EA Sports FC and Pepsico Talk About the Partnership

On the partnership, David Jackson, the vice president of Brand at EA Sports FC, said, "For years, PepsiCo's brands have been delivering memorable moments for football fans, and we're energized to incorporate that rich heritage into our own experiences as we set forth on this remarkable journey with EA SPORTS FC. We're proud to partner with PepsiCo to create more unmissable experiences that will undoubtedly captivate fans of the World's Game."

Meanwhile, PepsiCo’s Head of Global Sports and Partnerships Adam Warner also noted how EA SPORTS is an iconic brand in the realm of football and how it has revolutionized fan engagement. He added, “With PepsiCo's history and extensive involvement in football and entertainment, our brands are uniquely positioned to push the boundaries of football fandom. This partnership enables us to reach football fans and communities worldwide, and to provide them with experiences that elevate their connection to the beautiful game."

The promotion is rumored to start on 1st October, a day after the game’s official release, which means several fans will be hyped to receive these free and exclusive in-game rewards. In a now-deleted tweet, the EAFC 24 News handle noted that these codes will reportedly be available only in Great Britain, Belgium, France, The Netherlands, and Norway.

EA has most likely lined up several other promotional offers for the game’s launch so make sure to be on the lookout for them if you want to receive more such exciting rewards.

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