All AcceleRATE Types in EA Sports FC 24


Here Are All AcceleRATE Types in EA Sports FC 24

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EA Sports FC 24 adds four new acceleration types based on previous ones which further diversifies players and makes them more authentic and life-like.
EA Sports FC 24 will be available from 29th September for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC
Note that these archetypes are available only on the current-gen consoles and for PCs.

EA Sports FC 24 is the upcoming title that will be released by Electronic Arts after cutting ties with the FIFA name. The game offers several new features that will seemingly provide a significant improvement over FIFA 23. One such improvement has been made for the AcceleRATE feature as part of the Hyper Motion V overhaul, which allows realistic and life-like animations of player movements. The second installment of this feature aims to further divide the movement system into unique archetypes. Let's take a look at it.

EA Sports FC 24: All AcceleRATE Types

Earlier in FIFA 23, we got to experience three different acceleration types; Controlled, Lengthy, and Explosive. They were decided based on a player’s skillset such as pace, height, agility, and strength. This feature was introduced to make each individual player accurate to their real-life counterparts. In addition to the existing acceleration types, FC 24 will have four more, bringing the total number to seven different acceleRATE types. They are:

  • Controlled: The most balanced type which the majority of players will fall into. They accelerate in a far more balanced and controlled manner.

  • Explosive: This type of player will possess outstanding agility due to their shorter height. Although they are faster than a controller player, they are only able to do so in short bursts.

  • Lengthy: Due to their tall stature, they find it difficult to initially catch up to controlled and explosive players but they make up for it due to their insane stamina, allowing them to maintain their pace throughout the game.

  • Controlled Explosive: Combines 50% explosive and 50% controlled to truly provide a balanced character possessing both elements.

  • Mostly Explosive: Combines 70% explosive with 30% controlled mechanics. It will probably come in handy for short bursts while also retaining controlled elements.

  • Controlled Lengthy:  Combines 50% lengthy and 50% controlled types. Probably provides more stamina than the controlled explosive type.

  • Mostly Lengthy: Combines 70% lengthy and 30% controlled. It allows one to maintain stamina and strength while also retaining controlled elements.

How Are These Archetypes Assigned?

These are the measurements that determine how AcceleRATE categories are applied.

Purely Explosive

Height: <= 175 cm (~5’9’’) \ [5’9.3 ft / 176.2 cm]

Agility: >= 80

Strength: -

Acceleration: >= 80

Agility vs. Strength Difference: >= 20

Mostly Explosive

Height: <= 182 cm (~6’0’’) / [6’0 ft / 183.1 cm]

Agility: >= 70

Strength: -

Acceleration: >= 80

Agility vs. Strength Difference: >= 12

Controlled Explosive

Height: <= 182 cm (~6’0’’) / [6’0 ft / 183.1 cm]

Agility: >= 65

Strength: -

Acceleration: >= 70

Agility vs. Strength Difference: >= 4


Height: Any

Agility: Any

Strength: Any

Acceleration: Any

Agility vs. Strength Difference: Any

Controlled Lengthy

Height: >= 181 cm (~5’11’’) / [5’11.1 ft / 180.6 cm]

Agility: -

Strength: >= 65

Acceleration: >= 40

Agility vs. Strength Difference: >=4

Mostly Lengthy

Height: >= 183 cm (~6’0’’) / [5’11.8 / 182.57 cm]

Agility: -

Strength: >= 75

Acceleration: >= 55

Agility vs. Strength Difference: >=12

Purely Lengthy

Height: >= 188 cm (~6’2’’) / [6’1.8 ft / 187.45 cm]

Agility: -

Strength: >= 80

Acceleration: >= 55

Agility vs. Strength Difference: >=20

The Control type seems to be the catalyst between the two other types. Strength seems to be higher in Lengthy players while Explosive types retain better agility.

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