EA Sports FC 24 Is Getting a Major Pro Clubs Update

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>EA Sports FC 24 Is Getting a Major Pro Clubs Update</p></div>
EA Sports FC 24 Is Getting a Major Pro Clubs Update


EA Sports FC 24 has overhauled the ‘Clubs’ mode with a new seasonal format, which improves upon division play from the previous titles.
‘Clubs’ mode will now have a League and a Playoff phase to make for a more immersive and rewarding FIFA experience

EA Sports FC 24 aims to significantly change the way players have perceived traditional FIFA games. After its separation from the FIFA name, EA has overhauled the game in several ways to differentiate itself from its predecessors. This includes changes in graphics, mechanics, and even game modes that have existed in the previous installments. One such change has been made to the ‘Pro Clubs’ mode in the game. Apart from renaming it to “Clubs”, there are other additions that aim to make the game mode more competitive and rewarding. Let’s take a look at the revisions to the Clubs mode.

EA Sports FC 24 Clubs League

Clubs in EA Sports FC 24 will feature a seasonal format rather than a yearly format. The Clubs League season will occur over six weeks and it will be split into two phases; the League phase and the Playoff phase.

League Phase

EA Sports FC 24 Clubs Leagues

The league phase in FC 24 will be similar to the division play (from past FIFA games) except for the fact that there’s no relegation which means players will keep on climbing the ranks, earning rewards, and leveling up. They will only have their ranks reset at the end of the season. Each new division will bring tougher opponents and a higher point requirement to reach promotion matches. Once you have earned the required amount of points, you will proceed to the promotion phase. These are a series of matches that will determine your end-of-season division.  

Club Reputation

Each time you are promoted, you will gain club rewards in the form of Club Reputation. You will also receive Club Customization which will allow you to customize your club’s players, stadiums etc. Reputation plays a huge role in EA Sports FC 24 as it will determine the skill level of your club. Every time you win a match your club’s reputation will go up, giving you better AI-controlled teammates and also rewarding you with more skilled players. Furthermore, you will also get access to play in bigger venues.

Apart from your club’s reputation, you will also get to see your club’s overall skill rating to figure out where you stand in the leaderboards.

Playoff Phase

EA Sports FC 24 Clubs Playoffs

During the final week of the season, you will battle it out with several other clubs in your respective division to earn huge rewards as well as bragging rights. As the Playoff begins you will be locked into pools based on your division where you must complete a set of matches to be placed in an overall rank.

Playoff matches are high stakes, which means there is no option to draw the game and you will proceed to extra time and penalties to determine the winner. 

Playoff and End of Season Rewards

EA Sports FC 24 Clubs&nbsp;Playoff and End of Season Rewards

After completing the season, players will get rewarded with a Clubs League trophy. Each season will have its own unique trophy in Gold, Silver, and Bronze adorned with the crest of your league division. You can view it from your all-new Trophy Room as well as in your stadium. 

That is pretty much all there is to know about the Clubs update to EA Sports FC 24. The game drops on 29th September for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch and PC. You can also check out the official video released by EA about the updates made to the Clubs mode.

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