EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team: What Is the New Playstyles Feature?


EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team: What Is the New Playstyles Feature?

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Playstyles in EA Sports FC 24 is a new feature incorporated into the fan-favorite Ultimate Team Mode that aims to overhaul its pre-existing Traits System.
Playstyles utilizes data from reliable sources like Opta, to capture and bring signature abilities of players to the virtual pitch.

Electronic Arts just unveiled the gameplay trailer for their highly anticipated EA Sports FC 24 on the 13th of July. Speculations have risen and rumors have started to run rampant about the game, as EA is overhauling several features present in previous iterations of FIFA. The Frostbite engine featured in the EA Sports FC 24 has seen a lot of additions like the HyperMotion V, Playstyles, and SAPIEN tech which aims to change the gameplay experience on a fundamental level.

What is the PlayStyles feature in EA Sports FC 24

The Playstyles feature added to EA Sports FC 24 focuses on the movement mechanic present in the game. It aims to dynamically change the movement mechanics of players while also incorporating their signature styles and movements that they perform on the pitch, onto the virtual world of football. This feature acts as an overhaul to the Traits System present in FIFA 23. Players of Madden will notice that this feature is similar to X-Factors featured in it. Here in FC 24, Playstyles aims to be a more refined version of X-Factors.

PlayStyles in action

Along with Playstyles, there is also the revised HyperMotion V feature that uses data from more than 180 pro men’s and women’s football matches to sync their movements into the game. EA claims that this unlocks a massive 1,200 signature run styles that would add to the authenticity and exclusivity of the game.

There is also another enhancement to the Frostbite engine in the form of SAPIEN character technology that aims to produce anatomically accurate skeletal models of players. This has been carried over and amplified from Madden NFL 24. EA claims that the player models featured in EA Sports FC 24 will be 10 times more accurate and realistic. Moreover, there are also graphical upgrades that will showcase cloth stretches and ripples which make for a truly immersive FIFA experience. 

That is pretty much it for the technical upgrades that have been affixed to EA Sports FC 24. Considering all of these changes, it is no surprise that the fans are really enthralled. EA Sports FC 24 will officially hit the shelves on the 29th of September 2023 for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and also the Nintendo Switch.

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