EA Sports FC 24: Best Camera Settings for Improved Vision and Accuracy


EA Sports FC 24: Best Camera Settings for Improved Vision and Accuracy

Surya Kumar
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EA Sports FC 24 offers in-depth camera settings that allow you to customize your game’s perspective.
A wider field of view will allow you to anticipate enemy moves and be more efficient at passing and shooting.

Electronic Arts has made new strides with the recently released FC 24 by introducing and revamping several aspects of the traditional football formula. The world’s game has always been visually appealing, immersing players in their matches. However, if you are more of a competitive player, you would want to ensure you utilize all of the game's advantages. One such preset that can give you an upper hand is the new camera setting which allows you to spectate or play the game from a variety of perspectives. Here are the best settings to improve your vision and accuracy.

The Best Camera Settings in EA Sports FC 24

If you follow football game content creators or pro gamers, you might have observed that they often opt for custom or non-standard settings for their games. Although they might appear impractical when compared to the default settings, they can help you gain a huge advantage once you have gotten acquainted with them.

The main reason behind choosing such unconventional settings is due to the fact that they will offer a wider view of the pitch, which improves your shot accuracy. In order to change these presets you must go to the main menu and then click on the gear logo which will take you to settings. From there, navigate to game settings and head into the Camera tab.


This tab allows you to change your camera height and camera zoom. There are two different options you can use to customize your camera angles. They are:

Tele Broadcast

This preset is favored by a lot of players as it gives you a much wider view of the pitch, to the point where it reduces your need to look at the radar, and allows you to anticipate enemy plays faster. In order to do this you must change the following settings in the menu:

Camera Height: 18

Camera Zoom: 0

The Co-op Camera

Another option that has been added to the game is the co-op camera which works on both offline and online modes. Although this is not as wide as the Tele Broadcast, it still allows you to maintain a decent field of view and also maintain focus on specific players. These are all you have to change:

Camera Height: 19

Camera Zoom: 0

Do note that you need to change these presets for both single-player and multiplayer modes. Don’t forget to turn off Power Shot Zoom which can more often than not be a distraction and mess up your timings. You also have the option to fine-tune these settings but these presets should do a decent job of providing you an edge over your opponents.

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