Best Defenders in FIFA Mobile (July 2023)


Best Defenders in FIFA Mobile (July 2023)

Surya Kumar
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Here are the current top defenders in FIFA Mobile as of July 2023 across all multiplayer game modes.
In FIFA Mobile, the center-backs or defenders play a pivotal role as they act as the backbone of the team.

Defenders in FIFA Mobile play a pivotal role in shielding the defense while also simultaneously assisting the central midfielders.In order to make a good defensive playstyle, defenders must possess a variety of skills like anticipation, speed and strength. These skills would really come in handy at crucial moments of the game. It is important to strengthen one’s team in order to secure victory and climb the ranks of FIFA Mobile.

Top Defenders in FIFA Mobile

Here’s the list of the best defenders in FIFA Mobile along with their stats, clubs and leagues:

Paulo Maldini

  • Overall: 112

  • Program: Icons

Paulo Maldini tops out the list with an exceptional overall rating of 112. Being the captain of Milan and Italy earned him the nickname “Il capitano”. Paulo Maldini will really come in handy when you need to take control over the ball due to his iconic marking skills.

Rafael Márquez

  • Overall:110

  • Program:Heroes

El Káiser aka Rafael Márquez is also pretty good when it comes to defending your team. Being the current head coach of Barcelona Atlètic, Rafael Márquez has an overall score of 110. He is the only strength player in this list which makes him unique.

Laurent Blanc

  • Overall: 109

  • Program: Icons

Laurent Blanc is next on the list with an overall rating of 109. Combining this french footballer with Paulo Maldini would make for a solid option if you are more focused on a marking based defensive playstyle.

Virgil van Dijk

  • Overall:111

  • Program:UTOTY

Virgil van Djik is an excellent center-back player who has outstanding tackling skills. The Netherlands national captain has an overall rating of 111 making him stand out from the rest of the crowd.Apart from his tackling skills Virgil van Dijk is also known for his insane aerial ability

Éder Militão

  • Overall:109

  • Program:UTOTY

Finally we have Éder Militão who is considered to be one of the best defenders in the world. This remains true in-game as well. With an overall rating of 109 and having a defense specific skill boost, Éder Militão in FIFA Mobile can provide insane shielding from the offense.

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