How to Summon a Golem in Diablo 4

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How to Summon a Golem in Diablo 4


If you chose to play Necromancer and you want help figuring out how to summon your Golem in Diablo 4, this guide is for you.
The Golem can be unlocked once players reach level 25,

Diablo 4 has some pretty exciting classes and builds to choose from, among which is the Necromancer class. Being a Necromancer allows you to summon creatures using a unique mechanic called “The book of the Dead”. It also allows you to summon the Necromancer’s Ultimate Minion which is the Golem. Summoning a Golem in Diablo 4 is quite the task, as it is different from using other classes.

How to Unlock your golem in Diablo 4

When starting out as a Necromancer, you will notice that the Book of the Dead allows you to spawn skeletons as allies to fight for you. Eventually as you progress through the game, you will also notice that you can spawn a Golem as well.

Once you hit level 25, a new quest will be added to “priority quests” in your quest log called Necromancer : Call of the Underworld. You will find that the quest begins in the area that is North of Kyovashad. The first part of the quest spawns a bunch of enemies and you will pick up their unbroken bones after defeating them. The second part of the quest involves filling up the Jar of the Souls which means killing the enemies nearby. Upon completing this relatively brief quest, you will notice that the Golem Summon has been added to the book of the dead.

How to summon your Golem in Diablo 4

In order to summon your newly acquired Golem, you must now equip the Golem ability to your ability bar. Navigate to your Skill Tree and click on the “Skill reassignment” button at the bottom.

This will open a separate tab in the middle of the screen, where you will see the Golem ability right next to your current summon ability. You must drag the icon onto your current ability bar and you should see the Golem summoned right next to your character.

There are three different types of Golems in the game, which are the Bone Golem, the Blood Golem and the Iron Golem. They all unlock at different levels and they can also be customized and upgraded through the Book of the Dead.

If you are playing Necromancer in Diablo 4, it is essential to acquire the Golem as it is key to leveling up and progressing through the game. 

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