Diablo 4 Capstone Dungeons Guide

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>The location of the first dungeon on the Map</p></div>
The location of the first dungeon on the Map


The Capstone Dungeons appear upon completing the main campaign of Diablo 4.
Capstone Dungeons unlock newer world tiers along with increased XP and loot.

The Capstone Dungeons in Diablo 4 provides players with an added challenge, apart from all other objectives of the game. There are three different dungeons that appear in the later stage of the game. If you are wondering how to unlock the Capstone Dungeons in Diablo 4 here’s a quick guide on unlocking them and we also highlighted the rewards you can get from them.

What are the Capstone Dungeons in Diablo 4?

The first dungeon is called the Cathedral of Light Capstone Dungeon and it requires the player to be level 50 and world tier 2 to unlock. It is located in the northwest corner of the Cathedral of Kyovashad.

Upon completing the first dungeon, players get to unlock the Nightmare difficulty along with world tier 3. Players can now access the second dungeon called the Fallen Temple and located in the northeastern part of the Dry Steppes. It is easier to notice it on the map as it is shaped like a golden gate. This dungeon is capped at level 70 which means the player has to grind quite a bit to get past these level caps.

When you get past these two dungeons you unlock several world events as well, such as Helltides appearing across Sanctuary and Champion monsters spawning with damage resistance auras.

What rewards do you get from completing the Capstone Dungeons?

The main reason for getting through the Capstone Dungeons is the fact that you unlock World Tiers as you progress through each dungeon. Apart from getting the regular loot like you would  from every other dungeon, you also unlock World tier 3 which grants you 100% increased XP and 15% more gold when killing monsters. It also allows Sacred and Ancestral gear drops along with unique item drops. 

Players who get through the Fallen Temple Dungeon unlock world tier 4 and Torment difficulty. They also get 200% increased XP and 15% more gold from slaying monsters.

It is important to note that the Capstone Dungeons have level requirements where the first dungeon unlocks at level 50, second at level 70 and the third at level 100. Fortunately, even rushing through the game should get you up to level 30 although that does not necessarily mean you do not have to grind through the levels as you keep unlocking more dungeons.

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