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Diablo 4 Season One Countdown: Release Date and Time for All Regions

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Diablo 4’s Season of the Malignant update is all set to release on the 20th July, bringing in a host of changes to the game.
In this article, you will get to know when exactly Diablo 4 will be released along with a countdown timer.

Season of the Malignant in Diablo 4 brings a variety of changes with the inclusion of a new enemy type called the malignant. This new enemy type is more aggressive and attacks instantly without even being provoked. There is also a new battlepass system added to the game along with changes to add new Uniques and Aspects. Considering all this, many players might be wondering when the new update is going live. We’ve got you covered in this article, where we will give the specific time and date for your respective time zones.

Diablo 4 Season One Countdown and Dates

Season of the Malignant will arrive on the 20th July at 10 AM PDT. Here’s a list of all the dates and times for different regions:

  • 20th July: 10 AM (PDT)

  • 20th July: 10.30 PM (IST)

  • 20th July: 7 PM (CEST)

  • 20th July: 5PM (GMT)

  • 20th July: 1PM (EDT)

  • 21st July: 2AM (AEST)

What to Expect From the Season One Update

While patch 1.1.0 has already been made available since 18th July, the season one update will be available on the dates and times mentioned above. The Diablo 4 update will also include a new questline where a former priest of the Cathedral of Light will train you to capture the heart of these Malignant Monsters. These will be called Malignant Hearts which players can use to provide new abilities and build their characters. It is important to note that this questline cannot be accessed until players have completed the main campaign on the eternal realm.

The season one update also resets the character meaning that players will now have to create a fresh avatar for the seasonal realm rather than using their previously made avatar from the eternal realm. Considering this, players will now get access to mount which means they do not have to trek through the campaign.

Along with the storyline, there is also the inclusion of a new battlepass system which will be available as soon as this update drops. It brings several rewards such as emblems, emotes, titles, and other cosmetic items. The battlepass will feature 90 different tiers of rewards and 27 of those rewards will be available for free. Players can progress through the battlepass by completing quests, objectives, seasonal events, and also from just killing enemies.

Those are all the main additions to this seasonal update. Be sure to mark your calendars as this is probably going to be the biggest update to Diablo 4 so far. For further information on the update and patch notes, check out Blizzard’s Official page.

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