Diablo 4 Leveling Guide: How to Level up Faster in Season of Blood?


Diablo 4 Leveling Guide: How to Level up Faster in Season of Blood?

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Completing early seasonal quests and playing on World Tier One will make sure you quickly reach level 10 and above.
Make sure you complete Class Specialization Quests once you reach level 15.
Progressing through the endgame stage requires you to grind through Nightmare Dungeons in World Tier Four while also adding Blood Harvest and Legion events to the mix.

With the launch of the Season of Blood, the devs at Blizzard Entertainment have brought several welcoming improvements to Diablo 4 in terms of resistance changes and the level progression system. The latest season also brings five new end-game bosses along with a fresh and engaging questline, seasonal events, and potent vampiric powers. Many players are jumping in to start their tenacious grind all the way to level 100. If you are one among them and are looking for the quickest ways to progress through the game, we have got you covered with our comprehensive leveling guide. Let’s dive right in.

Diablo 4 Season of Blood Leveling Guide

This guide will be separated into two sections; the initial section will help you on your climb to level 50 while the second and third sections will aid you to reach level 70 and beyond.

How to Progress From Level 1 to 50?

  • Complete Early Seasonal Objectives: This season’s journey comprises numerous chapters where you will receive certain rewards at the end of each chapter. Although these objectives keep getting progressively difficult, completing the first few quests and gaining their rewards will boost your level in the early stage. It can also be an efficient way to complete your Battle Pass.

  • Play on World Tier 1: Playing on Tier One difficulty makes the leveling-up process slightly easier as you can quickly kill more enemies for a higher XP boost when compared to World Tier 2. You can switch to second-tier after reaching level 30 and above.

  • Take Advantage of the Blood Harvest World Event: Blood Harvest is similar to a Helltide event in many ways as it increases the density of monsters in a specific region. It is considered to be the best way to gain potent blood and unlock numerous Vampiric Powers.

  • Participate in Legion Events: For this new season, the devs have provided a significant buff to Legion Events, as they will now provide a 75% boost in XP. This event will spawn every 25 minutes, and they will usually be accompanied by a whisper objective. 

  • Finish the Class Specialization Quest: Ensure that you complete the specialization quest for your respective class right after reaching level 15. They will provide you with class-specific buffs that make for easier progression.

  • Focus on Defeating World Bosses: The Season of Blood has World Bosses that will now spawn every three and a half hours rather than the usual six-hour respawn time. We recommend you not to take this up until you reach level 35 and above as they can be pretty challenging to overcome.

  • Grind Your Way Through Capstone Dungeons: Once you reach level 48, head to the Capstone Dungeons and grind your way through it to unlock World Tier 3. Once you reach the third tier, you will unlock massive XP gains from slaying monsters, completing world bosses, and other events.

How to Progress Further After Reaching Level 50?

  • Engage in Helltides: After the release of patch 1.2.0, Helltides are your best source to gain massive amounts of XP as they pit you against high-level adversaries and also unlock Helltide chests.

  • Continue Doing Blood Harvest and Helltide Events:  Until reaching level 60, these events seem to be the best way to farm more XP. Make sure you switch between them often to prioritize Whisper completion, upgrade your Vampiric Powers, and increase your Hunter’s Acclaim level.

  • Begin Venturing Into Nightmare Dungeons: Nightmare Dungeons become bearable after reaching level 60 and above. Prioritize these dungeons along with running Legion events and World Bosses. You can also attempt to complete the Fallen Temple Capstone dungeon and unlock World Tier 4 aka the Torment difficulty.

  • Defeat Echo of Varshan and Grigoire, the Galvanic Saint: Before making your way to World Tier 4, Consider defeating Echo of Varshan and Grigoire to unlock both general and Unique rewards.

 That is pretty much all the methods you can attempt to quickly progress through Diablo 4’s new Season of Blood. 

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