Why Should You Stream on Loco?

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Why Should You Stream on Loco?


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The Indian audience has shown immense interest in supporting the country’s content creators on Loco.
The platform is actively working on releasing new features on the platform in 2023.
Loco has seen a 900% growth from June 2021 to June 2022 and it expects 2023 to be even bigger.

The Indian esports and gaming industry is booming with an estimated 400 Million people in the country identifying as gamers. Homegrown streaming platform Loco has become a go-to destination for streamers and gamers alike to connect and have fun. Loco has seen a 900% growth from June 2021 to June 2022 and it expects 2023 to be even bigger. Local streamers are getting the attention they deserve and the Indian audience has shown immense interest in supporting the country’s content creators.

Massive Network of Streamers and Fans 

Loco has grown tremendously since its inception and was the only Indian company that made it to Amplitude’s “Next Hottest Products” list last year. The streaming platform reached over 100 million viewers during BGMI Master Series 2022 and has partnered with some of the biggest creators in India including Tanmay “Scout” Singh, Siddhant “Sid” Joshi, and many others.

Loco’s founder Anirudh Pandita stated in an interview that he envisions Loco as the go-to platform “where gamers can go from being noobs to becoming gaming superstars. We are the campfire for streamers - from beginners to the best; they are all here on Loco. We turbocharge fan experiences - you no longer have to be another user in the crowd. We enable you to find your gaming clan - a community where you belong, play games you care about, and support streamers you love.”

Embracing Inclusivity and Culture 

Content creators faced challenges when trying to tap into an audience. Finding an audience can be very difficult on some streaming platforms due to the lack of curation features and the predominance of English as a language. If you want to start off as a streamer on Loco you will find an audience from every part of India and beyond. With 5G technology being introduced, India is becoming a global village and it will allow even more people to connect with each other via the platform.

Loco on the other hand promotes the diversity of India and has enabled countless streamers to tap into the local audience. The goal of Loco has always been to democratize gaming entertainment. Loco has helped pioneer all kinds of content in India. The platform is home to India’s first esports talk show, the first non-fiction show that documents the journey of the platform’s streamers, and more.

A Bright Career Option

Professions in the gaming industry were previously limited to game creation and esports. With high-speed internet and mobile devices improving rapidly, content creation became a viable career option and billions of people across the world consume digital content every day.

Loco can pave the way for you to make streaming a full-time career or even a part-time gig that you do purely for passion. Loco streamer Kani Gaming revealed that she started watching Naman “MortaL” Mathur and Aaditya "Dynamo" Deepak Sawant who inspired her to start gaming. After graduating from college she decided to pick up streaming and quickly became one of the biggest female streamers in the country with over 3.55 Million views on Loco and 138,000 followers. Streaming and content creation require a lot of passion and if you feel you are cut out to be an entertaining persona, there is always room for more creators to join and thrive on Loco.

There will also be new monetization methods that can help streamers bolster their earnings in addition to donations that they currently receive. If you have been on the fence about streaming, it might be a great time to start right now.

Loco is Preparing for the Future

In 2023, Loco has lined up new feature releases that will focus on boosting interactivity between streamers and their audience. The chat feature will get new upgrades that are not present on other platforms.

Loco is also focusing on developing high-quality streamer training programs that will help streamers upskill themselves and there will be new features and initiatives that help the content creators grow on the platform. 

Content moderation and curation are two areas where a lot of streaming platforms struggle. Loco is developing systems that will help streamers who deserve more love and the recognition they deserve through better recommendation systems. Streamers will also have an easier time moderating their content via features that are in the works.

Loco has helped gamers use virtual worlds as hangout spots and learn about other places and cultures. It has made socializing more accessible to gamers and you too can be part of the community too as a streamer on the platform.

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