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From Student to Streamer: Kani Gaming Shares Her Journey as a Content Creator on Loco

Abhimannu Das
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Kani Gaming aka Hydra Kani told AFK Gaming about her journey from being a student to becoming one of the biggest streamers on Loco.
She has grown her community over time and her channel achieved over 138,000 followers and 3.55 Million views on Loco.
In 2023, she plans to be more consistent with her content and expand to other games as well.

Kanika Bisht, who goes by Kani Gaming and Hydra Kani online, is one of the most popular streamers on homegrown streaming platform Loco. She has grown her community over time and her channel achieved over 138,000 followers and 3.55 Million views on Loco. Gaming was always a passion for Kani and she got into PUBG Mobile during her college days. She started watching Naman “MortaL” Mathur and Aaditya "Dynamo" Deepak Sawant and she was inspired to start gaming. 

Her passion for streaming was ignited years later after she graduated from college. PUBG Mobile got banned in India and it returned in the form of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) which became her go-to game. She decided to start streaming and her channel has seen immense success in recent months. Kani thanks her fans and Hydra for supporting her and helping her grow.

The struggles of becoming a streamer

Kani faced personal challenges as a content creator and she told us that streaming helped her overcome her introverted nature. She was new to gaming and was not accustomed to streaming live to an audience. She has been playing games for years and after reaching 100,000 followers she decided to start streaming with a face cam.

She used to be very self-conscious and used to receive negative comments from viewers. But she learned from experience and has stopped overthinking. Kani feels that she is a lot more comfortable as a streamer now. She has also started playing multiple games and tries to be good at them.

Kani talked about how much Hydra Clan has helped her throughout her gaming journey. She said, “Even before I started streaming, Hydra helped me with a streaming setup, and a boot camp and has always been by my side whenever I face any problems.”

How Kani’s life has changed after starting her streaming journey

Kani said, “Before I started streaming, I had a normal student life during college. The lockdown days kept me at home for a very long time. But when I started streaming, it felt like I was doing something productive and I managed to turn my passion into a job.”

Kani feels grateful that she is able to turn her passion into a job and gets to have fun. She added, “I have never been outside India and after starting my streaming journey I was able to go out with my friends and it feels great to be independent and earn so many opportunities to achieve my dreams.” 

Kani does not intend to leave streaming ever. Before she started streaming, she played only PUBG religiously. But prior to PUBG and BGMI, she used to play Candy Crush and dress-up games. But after starting her streaming career she wants to diversify her content and has played Call of Duty: Mobile, Valorant, GTA V, and more. She has grown to become a variety streamer and continues to build her repertoire of games.

Kani revealed, “Just like how Hydra helped me get into streaming. Loco as a platform has been instrumental to my growth. When I used to host BGMI watch parties, I got to interact with a lot of people and it was one of the most fun experiences I have had. People from all over the BGMI community came to watch my content and Loco has been more than just a streaming platform for me.” 

Kani’s plans for 2023 and beyond

The top priority for Kani right now is to build consistency. She said, “No matter how good my content is, one thing my content has been missing is consistency. I do not want to let the ups and downs in my life affect my content. I will try to stream consistently and tap into other types of content as well.” 

If you want to check out Kani’s streams where she plays all kinds of games on Loco, you can check out her official channel at: https://loco.gg/streamers/kanigaming

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