Rising Above Barriers & Labels: Watch these Top Female Loco Streamers

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Loco has played a major role in actively helping and enabling women to find their voice and shine in esports and gaming. </p></div>
Loco has played a major role in actively helping and enabling women to find their voice and shine in esports and gaming.


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The homegrown esports and live game streaming platform Loco has harnessed the Indian esports and gaming market to create a closely-knit community of gamers. The ecosystem has steadily grown over time and the industry has seen a rising impact in the country, creating buzz and new narratives. With Loco, streamers, and content creators have found their niche and connected with their audiences. Additionally, the streaming platform is known for its diversity and hosts some of the biggest female streamers in the country.

Loco has played a major role in actively helping and enabling women to find their voice and shine in esports and gaming. Here are some of the biggest female streamers on Loco who are showcasing their skills and making a career out of what they truly love.


Kaashvi “Kaashplays” Hiranandani is one of Loco’s most popular female streamers and content creators. Kaashvi streams Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) on Loco majorly but has also streamed other games including Among Us, Apex Legends, and Valorant. She has some of the most interactive and engaging streams along with Tanmay “Sc0utOP” Singh. In the month of September, she hosted one of the biggest Loco watch parties for the NBA2KL, to which Loco has exclusive streaming rights in India. Kaashvi has amassed 214K followers and 6.75M views on Loco.

Kaashvi “Kaashplays” Hiranandani

Recently, Kaashvi was voted as the Streamer of the Year (Female) and she received the prestigious award at the Loco India Gaming Awards 2022. Her streams are laid back, chill, and fun, and the 24-year-old is certainly an inspiration to women who want to take up streaming.


Krutika “Krutikaplays” Ojha is a popular Loco streamer who is managed by 8bitcreatives. She has 127K followers and a staggering 2.45M views on the platform. Krutika excels at different games and streams Valorant, BGMI, Call of Duty Mobile, Among Us, and also GTA V RolePlay as her alter ego “Rani.” Krutika has been active in the community and has been a crucial part of the numerous BGMI tournaments that were hosted in the past. She spear-headed one of the most successful watch parties on Loco during the BGMI Masters Series 2022, a tournament that saw Loco hit 100 Million viewers.


Kani Gaming

Kanika Bisht, also known as Kani Gaming, is a popular streamer, who is adored for her BGMI streams. Some of her early followers call her Hydra Kani, a reference to her old channel at the start of her gaming career. One of the most difficult things to pull off as a streamer is a 24-hour stream and Kani has done it twice now on Loco. Apart from her regular BGMI streams and watch parties, Kani also enjoys playing GTA V RP live. Call of Duty Mobile and Valorant are also some of the other games she streams. Kanika currently has 136K followers on Loco and 3.53M views on her channel.


Shakshi “Sharkshe” Shetty is a content creator and entertainer who has turned to livestreaming recently. She goes by “Shezzi” or “Sharky Minaj” in her GTA RP streams. Apart from GTA RP, Sharky streams Valorant regularly on Loco. She has also tried her hand at other games like Fortnite and BGMI. Impressively, in just four months, Sharkshe has managed to gain a following of 4.92K and already boasts 172K views on her Loco channel. She is exceptionally funny and is known for her lifestyle vlogs. Sharkshe can be found playing alongside other streamers including Kaashvi, Shagufta “Xyaa” Iqbal, Kani Gaming, and Sc0utOP. Recently, she played hit game 'It Takes Two' along with Indian cricketer Riyan Parag on Loco.

Shakshi “Sharkshe” Shetty


Sonali Singh also known as Playlikeincognito

Sonali Singh, also known as Playlikeincognito, has been vocal about her love for gaming from the very start. She is also managed by 8bitcreatives and is relatively a newcomer to the streaming industry. She is a software engineer based in the United States and enjoys streaming BGMI, Among Us, Pacify, GTA V Races, and Dead by Daylight. Fans also enjoy her reaction streams where she converses in Telugu, and also her BGMI watch parties. Sonali has played BGMI alongside Indian pros including Raj "Snax" Varma and Abhijeet Harishchandra "GHATAK" Andhare.

Blind Ziia

Kezia “Blind Ziia” Mathew is a part of Blind Esports. Though her roots are in Kerala, she was born and bought up in Qatar, where she studied till her Masters. She rose to fame during a time when PUBG Mobile was newly released but has been a devout fan of video games since her childhood. Ziia is also one of the first female video game streamers from Kerala, a feat that is incredibly inspiring. She also pursued PUBG Mobile competitively before resuming her streams. She has been vocal and open about the harassment and sexist remarks she has faced on her streams but has never backed down from streaming, which reflects her mental fortitude and resilience.

All of the above-mentioned streamers have built a community for themselves and have managed to connect with their audiences in their own, unique ways. Often, the lack of a support system is the reason why most women do not see esports as a career option. However, Loco has changed this narrative and has helped female gamers truly tap into their potential. Loco and its female streamers and content creators have risen the bar quite high and proved that they can break barriers and claim a fair share of the limelight.

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