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On the Rise: Watch These Up-&-Coming Loco Streamers

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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The Made-in-India, esports and live game streaming platform Loco is home to some of the biggest streamers and content creators in South Asia. Loco has steadily grown its fan base over the years, thanks to its passionate streamers and its dedicated viewers. Live Streaming in India is now slowly becoming synonymous with Loco while once it was predominantly only associated with Twitch or YouTube. Loco’s goals of supporting and nurturing its streamers have raised the bar of esports and gaming entertainment in the country. Loco extends its support to all its streamers, regardless of their fan following and fame, and gives everyone equal opportunities. 

While Loco has its superstar creators, it also continues to encourage and shine the spotlight on its upcoming streamers and help them become megastars of the future. While we like sticking to our usual routine and watching our usual stream on Loco, the new year could be the right time to spruce things up. Well, don’t you want to support the next generation of streamers? Here are five upcoming streamers on Loco, in no particular order, who are taking the content creation world by storm.

Upcoming streamers to watch on Loco

While online multiplayer games like Valorant, Dota 2, and CS: GO are extremely popular on Loco, the platform has also been encouraging streamers to play single-player games, AAA titles, and off-beat games on stream. As a result, when you hop onto Loco and tune into a stream, you will be welcomed with varied, entertaining content. Some of these upcoming streamers are known for their variety streams.

Prash Plays

Prash Plays has been popping off with his Valorant streams lately and currently, he has 276K followers and 3.30M views on Loco. The best part about watching Prash is that his streams are extremely chill and interactive. He switches between Unrated and Competitive while playing the Riot Games FPS shooter, maintaining a balance between entertainment and serious gameplay. Additionally, you can catch Prash playing GTA V, and BGMI, and also regularly hosting watch parties. Interestingly, Prash also had a 24-hour stream in March 2022 titled, “Non-stop stream until Conqueror,” where he played BGMI on stream.


Nimai Arora aka hardcoregamers is one of the upcoming Loco streamers who is dedicated to single-player titles including Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Odyssey, and God of War: Ragnarok. Notably, hardcoregamers has 273K followers and has over 1.78M views on the channel. Some of his Assassin’s Creed streams have been huge hits, pulling in over 10K views. On 25th December, on the occasion of Christmas, hardcoregamers successfully finished his 24-hour livestream while streaming different games, a feat in itself. This 24-hour stream has 21.1K views and some of his other hits include Apex Legends Mobile and New State streams.


Krishna “SonicOp” Sharma has 47.6K followers and 2.70 views on Loco currently. Krishna plays a variety of games on his stream including Valorant, Rocket League, New State Mobile, Dying Light 2 Stay Human, and Dead Space. SonicOp has also hosted giveaways and watch parties, which have pulled in a lot of viewers in the past. Notably, his Valorant streams are nothing short of a fun ride since he often plays with a five-stack with his friends.


If you are tired of watching Valorant and GTA V RolePlay streams, you can tune into B4G-ARMY’s stream. He currently has 7.82K followers and over 168K views on Loco and he streams variety games including Minecraft. You can also gain insights into how pro players usually tackle games as a team as he streams B4G Esports’ scrims and practice matches to his viewers. You can learn to play Free Fire from the stream and take your understanding of the game to the next level.


Kabir aka Kabit Gaming was one of the streamers that were featured on Loco’s biggest GTA event: GTA 5 Ultimate Race Wars. Notably, SonicOp also participated in this event that happened in November 2022. Kabir currently has 98.3K followers and over 590K views on Loco. He is known for his GTA V Races streams and also for playing Valorant live. However, he also indulges in other games like Among Us, Rocket League, and BGMI from time to time. If you are looking to watch some live esports tournaments, chances are that you will find Kabir hosting a watch party most time.

Loco and its streamers have always stayed in vogue, promoting and participating in the latest trends in gaming. These streamers, though they might be just growing on Loco, have already showcased their commitment to growing the Indian esports and gaming scene.

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