Educational Opportunities in Gaming and Esports: Courses and Institutions in India


Educational Opportunities in Gaming and Esports: Courses and Institutions in India

Umesh Borkar
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Gaming and Esports in India is at an all time high with over 400 million players.
The demand for industry professionals like game developers, business analysts, programmers is also increasing.

The gaming industry in India is booming and it has opened up multiple opportunities not only for esports athletes but also industry professionals in animation, game design, business management and more. Since the gaming industry is growing at a fast pace, colleges and universities have started introducing educational courses for students who want to pursue gaming and esports as a career. In this article we will talk about some of the top institutions for gaming and esports and the courses they have to offer.

Which are top Institutions for Gaming and Esports Courses in India

Artemisia College of Art and Design (ACAD)

The Artemisia College of Art and Design was established in 1996 in Indore and is known to be one of India’s finest colleges for Animation & VFX and Game Design & Development. The college campus offers professional facilities like Sketching Studios, Drafting Studios, Professional VFX studios, Clay Modelling Studio, Stop Motion Animation Studio, and much more for students to have a hand-on experience with projects.

Best Course Offered: B.Des. in Animation and VFX

Website: ACAD

National Institute of Design (Bangalore)

The National Institute of Design (NID) Bangalore was established in 2006. It is ranked 2nd out of the 30 design institutes by IIRF (Indian Institutional Ranking Framework) and offers an M.Des and Ph.D. in design. The institute offers various design studios that provide students with practical learning experiences to enhance their creativity and design capabilities, and are also equipped with a variety of professional design tools and equipment.

Best Course Offered: Bachelors in Design

Website: National Institute of Design Bangalore

Game Developer

Hero Vired 

Hero Vired is a program developed by the Hero Group of Companies in collaboration with Nodwin Gaming to provide students with an opportunity to have access to one of the best courses in India. The program provides two main stream courses in Gaming and Esports from which students can pick and choose the subgenre of courses like Graphic Design, Publishing, Game Business and Marketing, Game Monetization, Esports Marketing, Shoutcasting, Team Ownership, Legal alongisde many more courses. The program also provides students with internships with well established companies in the Gaming and Esports market.

Best Course Offered: Gaming and Esports (Management and Design)

Website: Hero Vired

Game Institute

The Game Institute is an institution specially developed for gaming and esports. It offers a variety of courses including game development. Students can enroll online and get courses which will help them learn various aspects of game development. The courses provided by them will cover several aspects of game development like learning programming languages, developing video games for PC, designing 3D scenes like modern engines and more.

Best Course Offered: Game Development

Website: Game Institute

Zee Institute of Creative Art

The Zee Institute of Creative Art provides a variety of courses to students in game design and development. The institute provides several practical and theoretical based assignments and projects for its students so as to have a more hands-on and practical learning experience. 2D and 3D based development courses, Game UI design and many more courses are offered by the institute.

Best Course Offered: Game Development

Website: Zee Institute of Creative Art

The gaming industry is continuously growing at a rapid pace since 2020 with multiple mobile gaming titles like Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) and Free Fire, and PC titles like Valorant dominating the Indian gaming market. With the increase in player base and new games being introduced month after month, the demand for industry professionals is also growing.

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