Zombs Says He's Friends With Everyone on Sentinels Except ShahZaM

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There's clear tension between Sentinels players zombs and ShahZaM.
While zombs claimed that he was made to play a certain way because of ShahZaM, the IGL denied them and added that they were untrue.

Sentinels may not be playing at Valorant Champions 2022 but the organization continues to be in the limelight even during the off-season. Despite not being on the active roster, Jared “zombs” Gitlin has criticized Sentinels’ in-game leader Shahzeb “ShahZaM” Khan live on stream and zombs’ comments elicited a response from ShahZaM in return. zombs revealed what it was really like playing alongside ShahZaM and explained the difference he noticed while he subbed in for Version1 during the MCT Premiership Season 3. The pro players have exchanged comments on stream back and forth since the initial claims made by zombs.

zombs talks about ShahZaM’s shotcalling

In a recent stream, zombs said he was shotcalling a lot during his short stint on the Version1 roster. He added that he “didn’t do anything” while he was on Sentinels and that he just listened to what ShahZaM was telling him to do. “Most of the time it was just being like AFK and doing nothing,” revealed zombs. Further, without mincing his words, the pro player said, “Thinking back on it, all the stuff he was telling me to do was like not what I am supposed to be doing.

zombs explained a few moves that the team used on Haven and stated why he was making the wrong moves. However, he believed that the calls did not matter since the team was winning.

ShahZaM responds to zombs’ statement

ShahZaM countered zombs’ claims in his livestream and said that the comment “pisses him off.” “I don’t get it, man. We came together. We literally made it big together. Why is he doing this?” ShahZaM pondered.

ShahZaM added that the claims of zombs being told to play passively were not true and that the comments make him sad. “He’s a friend, man. I f**** love him. I don’t know why he’s saying that on stream. It’s not true. We would beg him to take his own initiative.

ShahZaM stated that he was the last person who wanted to see zombs get replaced on Sentinels while all his other teams did not want to play with him anymore.

zombs says he hasn’t talked to ShahZaM since he left Sentinels

Zombs made it clear that he has not talked to ShahZaM since leaving Sentinels and that it has been close to seven months. He also commented on ShahZaM’s statement where he painted a picture that the two of them were close. Talking about the friendships in Sentinels, zombs said, “I’m friends with everyone else on the team except for him. I don’t even care that I’m no longer on the team. It’s not about that, it’s about him making up other stuff for no reason.

With Valorant esports headed into franchising next year, it is unclear whether or not Sentinels makes it. We could also expect to see many roster changes in the 2023 season.

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